Magick 101: Types of Magickal Information

When we talk about magick, what we’re talking about can be split into four different categories or levels. Historical information, theoretical information, practical information, and spiritual information.

1. Historical Information: The first level of information, the easiest to learn, and the most useless, is historical information. Historical information is the factual information about the history of magick. Who wrote what, when was such and such founded, where did theory X originate, ect.

Although there may occur arguments at times, and some people are rather ignorant, historical information is fact based and usually easily verifiable.

Historical information has a few different uses. To begin with, it can be used to form a basis on another’s reputation. For instance Eden Gray’s information on the origin of tarot is obviously false and was easily disproved even at the time her book was written. Based on that fact, we can assume about Gray’s books that either her research was severly lacking or she is intentionally misleading the reader to further mystify the subject and better sell her book.

Historical information is also useful when one is searching for other types of magickal information. Knowing the names, and better yet reputations, of various authors and books can aid the practitioner in finding good information.

And finally when dealing with dieties or entities, myths and folklores can become very useful in identification and understanding, and at times crosses over into theoretical information.

2. Theoretical Information: The second category is theoretical information. Theoretical information can consist of unproven ideas and philosophies, but it also includes ideas which may be proven and factual. However theoretical information consists only of ideas and has no direct connection to actual application.

For instance a post on this blog detailing the various characteristics and methods of vampires is theoretical. The information has no direct application. There is nothing that can be done with the information to cause any kind of change. It can however be used to develop practical information and result in indirect change. For instance a person could use that information in order to develop methods to attack or defend themselves against vampires, which would fall into the next category.

3. Practical Information: The third level of information is Practical Information, and this is the first time the information has any kind of real use. Practical Information is information which has an actual application that can be performed and utilized. Rituals, spells, methods of psionic attack, and exercises that aid in developing astral projection techniques are all examples of practical information.

4. Spiritual Information: The fourth type of information, Spiritual Information, is the zenith of magickal information and it’s acquisition is the ultimate goal of every practitioner. Spiritual information is highly personalized and it is the information that aids you in walking your own spiritual path and is utilized in your own personal growth.

All other forms of information can be transmitted through various mediums. Someone may need to be a practicing magician and advanced to a certain state to understand some theoretical information, but a lot of theoretical information can be orally given or written down in a book. The same can be said of practical information, and historical information can always be transmitted orally or through written words. But with all Spiritual Information the information is more or less unique to the practitioner, as is the acquisition and interpretation, and as such it needs to be acquire d by each individual practitioner on their own.

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