Need Help Identifying/Finding this


I’ve been trying to find a good statue of Saturn for a long time for an alter. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any statues of Saturn; Roman, Renaissance, modern, or otherwise. I am aware of several depictions of Cronus out there, and these depictions are often times listed as being Saturn, but the two are different gods.

But while surfing the web today I came across this picture on This is almost exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for to represent Saturn. I figure that this statue is listed as being Saturn or Father Time (The two are often times confused in mythology), or possibly even Cronus.

However I know nothing else about this statue. The website I got this from just had it included in a gallery of Cronus pictures with no explination as to what was what or where it came from. Any information about this statue would be helpful to me. Things I’m specifically looking for are: What is the official title of the statue? Is it a modern statue? If so, what company makes it? If not, where is the original? Do any companies make replicas? (and the best of all possible answers), do you know any companies that are selling it?

If anyone knows of other statues of Saturn, or statues of Father Time that closely resemble Saturn that might be easier to find then that would be appreciated too.

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  1. Super Tom says:

    It reminds me of the Angel Azreil who governs death and the other world.

    AZRAEL ,AZRAIL, AZRIEL: Variant of Hebrew Azriel, meaning “help of God.” This is the name of the Angel of Death, who separates the soul from the body upon death.
    Hebrew biblical name of several minor characters in the Old Testament, derived from Hebrew ‘azar “help” and ‘el “God.

    It could also be Thanatos.
    Could also be father death “Father death differs then death” and I say Pluto but he has a sickle so it can be Saturn.
    We know for sure if it was found with Libitina, Goddess of corpses, wilting flowers, funerals and the dead. Her name goes hand and hand with death and it is said she is a consort to Saturn. She cleans up the things time does out of love to Saturn. She started out as a Goddess of life.

  2. Claudius Iohannes says:

    Tom – I, too, have been looking for a figurine of old man Saturnus, and have come up empty. I’m thinking I’m going to have to find an artist whom I could commission on the cheap to do one. If ever you figure out the provenance of the illustrated figure, would you be kind enough to let me know [iohannkn (at) hotmail (dot) com]? Should I turn anything up, I’ll certainly apply it as a comment here for you.

    – J Kn

  3. Rob says:

    Super Tom isn’t looking for the statue. In fact I don’t think he even read the post beyond the header. I remember asking him about it right after he posted and he had no clue what I wrote beneath the picture.

    Anyways I had some information about the statue a while back, and I wish I would’ve saved it because so many have asked me about it since. Anyways it is called Cronus, and I believe it’s made of wood, but not sure. It was originally part of something bigger, maybe a table or a tombstone or something. It’s also in a museum now, forget which. As far as I can tell, no one is making replicas of this statue. All of this I got from several hours on the Internet searching a while back, so the exact information about where it is can be found if you look hard enough.

  4. Nicole says:

    This sculpture was made by Franz Ignaz Gunther in the mid-1700s. I’m not sure if anyone makes replicas of his work, but there are prints of this and other pieces of his. You might have some luck on German sites.

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