An Idea

I got a little caught up last night and wasn’t able to get a post up. I had a video blog put together for just such an occasion, but I couldn’t get that to work either. In any case, because of time constraints this is all I’ve been able to put together.

As above, so below.

Mastery of the universe is directly tied to mastery of the self. External change is dependent upon internal change, and vice-versa. In order to have power over the universe, you must first have power over yourself.

And there are three selves. There is what we perceive ourself to be, what we wish ourselves to be, and what we truly are. There is power in all three of these selves being the same.

To be what you perceive yourself as will improve your character, at least in terms of your desired path. To be what you wish you were means to have everything you want.

There are of course obstacles. Fear. Ego. Envy. Ect. Most people are too afraid to be the person they percieve themselves as, or to become what they wish they were. Most people won’t admit that they aren’t what they percieve themselves as, and thus they can never improve and correct the divergence.

The simple way to deal with all of this is to give up. When you refuse to see yourself as anything at all, complete destruction of self, and when you give up all desire so you wish for nothing, then you have brought all three to the same place.

But there’s also the more difficult way to deal with this. To act as you see yourself always and to become everything you want to be.

Then the only limitation on your power would be the extent of your wishing.

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