Mermaids: A Personal Account

I don’t typically write about personal experiences on this blog. It seems a bit narcacistic to me for one. Another reason is that I don’t want to publish too much information about personal tactics. And I wonder about how useful it would be.

But I’m sure there are some people who a description of an experience like this one may help, and there are some who would find it interesting. And, more importantly, I’m too lazy to write up the numerology post right now and want to get something up.

I thought about this experience earlier today while reading an old book on folk legends when I got to a chapter that dealt with mermaids. There are no great secrets of mine hidden in here. I’ve told this story to most people, and it’s fairly safe in the information it gives out about me.

Well to start I have an item that I’ve filled up with a lot of energy and blessed under four different dieties. It’s a tool of mine, and it’s very powerful and can answer most questions. However it answers questions in its own way and causes a lot of chaos whenever it’s activated. It tends to open up any portals in the area and can easily summon all sorts of things. Using it is always an adventure.

Anyways one day I did use it, and not long after that I went to sleep. In my dream I was riding shotgun in a car as I talked to my friend on a cell phone. As I was talking I saw a building with a prymid roof and on top was a huge mermaid statue. I muttered something about a mermaid over the phone, at which point my friend asked me if I wanted to meet one. I tried to explain about the weird statue I was looking at when I suddenly felt a rush of energy coming off it.

It occured to me at that point that I was dreaming, and that something was coming, and I needed to wake up right away to deal with this.

I forced my eyes open and awoke in my bed, but I was already too late. I could see and think, but my body was having cunvulsions and I had absolutely no control over my limbs. This was very different from sleep paralysis (which I’ve had before). My body was uncontrollably shaking like a seizure.

And there was a mermaid sort of sitting on top of my chest (they have that whole fish part, no legs, which makes actually sitting kind of impossible). Her face was old and ragged. Her hair was long, slightly curled, seperated, and resembled snakes. In many ways her head resembled pictures of a gorgon. As ugly as she was, her fish part was far more disgusting.

From what she had told me, she was planning on raping me. She wanted to merge us together in a spritual-sexual type way. I understood what she was talking about. She claimed that we would both benefit from this.

There was no way I was going to let this happen. I could feel the portal she came through not far behind her, and I came up with two plans. Plan one was to concentrate as much energy into my chest as I could in my current state and in a short amount of time. Then I would release this energy out of me and hopefully it would be enough to push her back through the portal.

Plan two involved getting as much energy as I could manage, and then focusing enough to take back a bit of control of my body, scream like a little girl with that energy and break free of the paraylsis. Many of my battle stories actually end with “And then I screamed like a little girl at it and it ran away”. So many that it’s sad. It’s just that it’s a very effective tactic.

Plan one actually worked though, so I didn’t scream like a little girl this time. When the energy hit her from out of my chest she went flying through the portal, and the paralysis and convulsions instantly ended. After it was over with I got up and sealed the portal so nothing else would be coming out of it.

8 Responses to Mermaids: A Personal Account

  1. Andris says:

    I tried to get any information about such human like species, but nothing real istn possible to find, so I let my entusiasm calm down! But I cant fully believe of that kind lifeform realy exsists, just the reason why all this legend ar just legends, maybe here is some reasons why mermaids just don’t want to show themselves. Or maybe not everyone deserves real meeting with them. Just I sometimes tried think about those egyptian pictures on walls, like half horse and men or mens body with eagle head, I believe just one thing, nothing is sucked from finger, every tale or fairy tale comes from deep time when they realy exsisted, when peoples mind was a bit different! Moore opened minds.

    One time I got question: why little childrens can see realy such things, maybe they have much moore clear mind from our worlds urbanism and comercial thinking, and grown mens mind is just full of this realm problems, and childrens souls probably comes from different realm to this one, and no one knows where we going after death!

    Just why I believe thing like that, reason is, when I was little one I have strange dreams, memories and now I have nothing, just usual things!

    I realy hope on our world is some others species with, becouse sea is too big like another world!

  2. Rob says:

    I know it’s a common answer, but children have a much easier time seeing and interacting with the supernatural largely because they have completely open minds and don’t see any reason why it can’t be there. A lot of times, everyday people are given a small glimpse into everything else that is out there, that may be being effected by energy, seeing or hearing something that shouldn’t exist for just a moment, or numerous other things, and if these people would, at that moment, look closer and investigate with an open mind they might end up seeing quite a bit more, but most just brush it off and go about their day, eventually forgetting it entirely. Young children often times don’t do that because they don’t know better.

  3. L says:

    I’ve had that sleep paralysis thing happen a lot since I was a teenager and its usualy always accompanied with a strong howling wind in the room. I can never understand why no-one else can hear it the noise is so loud.

    I had an extremely vivid dream about 2 years ago where I was looking through my eyes at myself in a full length mirror but I looked completely different. I was extremely beautiful with long dark hair and was dressed in a long medieval style white gown. The architecture and furnishings of the room were something out of a castle scene. At my side was a Satyr in an aroused state. Instead of offending me, I found this enticing. The really interesting thing about this dream was that I knew nothing about Satyrs or their massive sexual appetites and preferences for human women. Strangely I’ve never quite got over the feeling that that woman was the real me. Sounds mental I know. Wondered what your take on this would be??

    • Rob says:

      Sleep paralysis was really common for me as a teenager, but when I was eighteen I got rid of my bed and slept on a couch for almost two years, and the paralysis mostly stopped. Now I have issues only a few times a year, and it’s usually connected to an astral projection or such.

      For a while I found the paralysis very unpleasant. This is because, like most people, I would find myself in sleep paralysis and panic a little because I didn’t like to be in sleep paralysis. Then I would desperately try to wake myself up, usually by slowly moving my hand to my face to open my eyes. The whole ordeal was yucky.

      The best way to go about dealing with paralysis though is not to panic and not try to force yourself awake through movement. Instead remain calm and treat it like coming out of a deep meditation. Start paying attention to and concentrating on your breathing. At first it won’t do anything but give you something to do, but after a while you’ll notice you’ll gain some control over your breath. Gently manage your breathing and slowly wake yourself up.

      If you ever manage to get sleep paralysis with your eyes open, that’s a fucking trip. You can see your room, but if you don’t concentrate your mind will start dreaming and putting dream hallucinations over it.

      I’m assuming you’re a girl. If not, the ‘other you’ in the mirror could be your Holy Guardian Angel, which would be both a piece of yourself and of the opposite gender as you currently are.

      It could also, and more likely be, a past life form. Sometimes past lives leak out in dreams. Sometimes we morph our astral/dream bodies into our past forms which match our past lives.

      As for the Satyr, it could be the god Pan, who does look like a Satyr. It’s not uncommon for gods that we’re strongly connected to to show themselves to us and make contact with us in various ways such as dreams, especially when we’re at a point in our lives where we lack the metaphysical tools needed to initiate other forms of contact.

      If you had sex with it though, it’s probably not Pan but an actual Satyr.

      I’ve never met a Satyr, but I don’t doubt they exist (and I’m sitting underneath an alter to Bacchus as I type this, so I’m probably setting myself up). I don’t believe they’d have a fae energy to them, but I would suspect they would be something like fae with strong sexual desires and energies. They’re sacred to the gods Bacchus, Silenus, and Pan. You’d have to ask yourself if you feel a strong connection towards Satyrs, if you have instinctual knowledge of them, and if your instincts tell you that they’re a kind of creature you would enjoy and would be pleased to have around.

  4. Natalie says:

    (“and a bit of a glimpse at what I really was, and gave it a message sort of like, “You know what I am, do you really want to fuck with me and find out what happens next.”)

    o.o; what exactly do you mean by that?

  5. AfrikanPrince says:

    I don’t think that was a legitimate mermaid. But hey, what do I know? lol I wish I could see spirits. Sounds like something that tried to shapeshift as best it could into what you had in mind. I believe mermaids look exactly like the legends and myths, no exaggerations…extremely beautiful upper woman half, shiny fish tail…but obviously I could be wrong lol. I just would like to know their demeanor: are they evil? innocent, benign, deadly but don’t mean to be? To see one I’d go to an ocean or lake in the astral world and I guess call out for one or something…I dunno But I have no experience so what do I know?

  6. RG says:

    Wow, I know this is an old post but I feel I have to share my experience. It didn’t involve a mermaid, but it did involve an energetic raping, which I stopped also. I was about 16 or so. I always felt myself a natural witch but sometimes when pushing boundaries and experimenting with my natural energies I would do dumb things. I never did it to show off. I almost always did magick solitarily.
    Once I felt compelled to draw a circle on the low angled ceiling above my bed. It was low because it was where the roof sloped down. I felt compelled to draw the universe and I put my own alphabet around it. One that I used in my magick and one that I had developed. Ooops. Bad Idea. I slept under the thing, and leading up to the incident I could see it move at night. I didn’t know what this meant at the time but I left it. Then one day in the middle of the day I was sleeping and then I was aware that someone was int he room with me. Then I could feel them on top of me and stroking my leg. I thought an actual person had broke into the house and was about to attack me. Then I realized I couldn’t move at all, I could barely breath. I fought and fought and then could open my eyes. To my astonishment, nothing was there but I could still feel it. I could slowly feel it start to lose its grip on me. I fought and fought to speak and finally “F*** OFF!” came out of my mouth. It immediately went away. Needless to say, I sealed the portal and painted over it. So yours end with “screaming like a little girl” and mine ended with “F off” but hey, I haven’t had that problem since!

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