A Word on Questions

I do try to update this blog regularly. Ideally I’d like to have at least one new post every two weeks, if not every week or sooner. But I want quality, not quantity, and so I prefer to just put up a good post every month or two than bury those posts in crap.

Part of the problem with updating is that I’m busy with more important things. There’s not much I can do about that.

The other part of the problem is that sometimes I really don’t have anything to talk about. I may know things, good things, important things, but unless I’m thinking about them they aren’t going to appear on the pages.

I’ve also noticed people searching for specific things and finding this site, and in a lot of cases I probably know what they want to find. But they move on rather than ask.

If you’ve come here with a specific question, feel free to ask. I’m not trying to position myself as a guru, and I can’t garuntee I’ll know the answer or even care enough to respond, but it’s okay to ask. You can leave it as a comment to this post.

Sometimes the difference between me putting up a post and not is just having a topic to write about. It would be nice if I had a reserve of questions or topics that people want to know about for slow periods.

And answering other people’s questions helps me to learn too. I find that a lot of the times in order to answer the question I need to find more information, or figure things out.

One Response to A Word on Questions

  1. Rasputin says:

    Quite understandable. To gather information and make sense of it takes quite a effort for many. The best works in the occult take time.

    We have enough things written about the same subjects. Years ago, I had written Ed Fitch. He being both a master in Witchcraft and the Occult I respect his opinion. “I don’t respect all of them. I have fought with the best of them. “ While some may not like his latter on views I found them to be enlighten ones.
    I asked him what is needed in today’s world as in subjects of writing. He replied that we need new subjects. That we need new writing and at most many where coping each other and placing out the same Dribble.

    Today’s writers feel a need to keep up so they just place outward a slightly different view of the same subject. Genius takes time. All great works come from self. This is why perhaps we have only one Crowley.
    More then ever we need new grimoires. We need new ways of thinking and philosophy. I have seen to many flaws. The students that I have had in my art have came to me with almost a warped sense of view because of the state of things today. I have Elders tell me “Let the elders die off maybe this will help future generations. “ I have to agree. I commend you for attempting to shed light on subjects that few have gone near in some time.

    If you look today for information most of the subjects explored are basic tarot, basic Witchcraft, A repeat of long dead grimoires written by sexuality frustrated priest and the repressed. There has been little new information since the 1970’s. Every preteen girl can tell you about Wicca today and the Zodiac. You can buy Pagan items at the local drugstore here in Las Vegas. Yet, I have met more blank no knowing people here that love titles more here then anyone else. “some are more then a pretty face… 1 in 20.”

    Sadly, I am torn with our age.
    While the P.R. is quite good for us Magick types the dumbing down of information is not.
    I blame those who attempt to paint a dead horse into a friendly P.C. world. I wonder if shows like Ghost hunters and Mad Mad house was worth it. While it has shed light there are reasons while some things are hidden. Secrets are a time of the past I guess. We can only teach defense now. That was how it was in the old days. I have seen more of the Supernatural become the mundane lately that things that where not household are now the norm.

    With this creates pressure to try to stop silly things that arise. In the late 1970’s we saw the rise of the Dianics with the idea of Witchcraft in protest. In the early 80’s you saw a whole movement where things went from God and Goddess to just Goddess. “Many have no idea they even have names. In many ways it walks the same road as the Church if not changed. We saw male Witches go from Wizard or “Wyzard” to just Witch. Truly I feel the age we live in is a twisted one. I will not go in deep on labels being they rarely matter until you are addressed. I am called a Wyzard. If a man wants to be called a Witch and wants to be called a healing woman that is his right.
    “Call me a warlock and I might smack you.”

    If we are to progress in the Occult we need to take things and “even Witchcraft” with it’s darker points as well as the fluff we see today. Being raised both in Witchcraft and the Occult I could tell many a tale but it proves to mote at this time.
    One should never rush in there work. After all divination and the occult is hidden knowledge and a science.

    My question is what do you see the current generation going towards in the occult? What can we do to make it more intelligent?


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