Review: Tarot Garden

I didn’t set up this site to promote or criticize online vendors. I won’t make posts like this very often because I really don’t think they belong here.

That aside, I’m making an exception now because I’ve had exceptional experiences dealing with Tarot Garden. The site itself is a wonderful tarot resource that you can spend days browsing through if you want to look at some of the decks that are out there. Even if you have no intention of buying anything, I’d still recommend visiting the site because it’s a virtual museum of tarot.

The site itself has a wide selection of tarot decks. US Games and Llewellyn decks are sold there, but they also have decks from some of the smaller indie companies and some of the larger European companies that are hard to find in the states. They keep some expensive and rare OOP tarots in stock too if you’re into that sort of thing (and yes, I am into that sort of thing, I just can’t afford it).

What really surprised me though was the level of service and care the company took in dealing with my orders. On my first order I had a problem with the information I sent, and only minutes after placing my order someone from the company caught the error and corrected it. My emails have always been answered promptly by the site staff, sometimes only minutes after sending out a message in the middle of the night. My orders were shipped soon after I made them, and every time my package arrived sooner than I expected it. And even when I was buying common $10 and $20 decks, you’d think they were antique decks worth hundreds of dollars by the way they were packaged.

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