Magick = White’s Only!

I use the term magick practitioners alot, and the magick community. Notice I don’t say the pagan community, or pagans. Not all magick practitioners consider themselves pagan, and the magick community is hardly represented in its entirety by the pagan community. I don’t consider myself a pagan, and even if I did, I wouldn’t openly announce myself as such considering how tainted the term has become in just the last decade or so.

Sadly it became common place in the ninties for pagans to embrace the ideals of racism. Magick has always been tied to racism to some extent. See the Thule Society or Klu Klux Klan. But these have always been small segments of the community, and these segments have traditionally been more about racism than magick, and typically shunned outside racist circles.

But in the ninties magick somehow became about white pride. We were no longer seeking our spiritual paths, finding truths, or even commanding power. We were trying to celebrate our white heritage and trying to reconstruct pre-christian white people religion. At the same time the community tried to push away those who were not white.

It also became a popular notion around that time that gods should only be communicated with by those who had a heritage tied to that god. It was also said that a person should have a relationship with gods that don’t share their cultural heritage.

The gods themselves transend even this dimension and the aspect they keep here, let alone a small geographic location on this planet. And let’s not forget about all of those people who are reincarnating and taking their divine relationships with them through out multiple lifetimes. And, most importantly, the gods are very powerful and able to speak for themselves and choose who they wish to have relationships with, and if they don’t want a relationship with someone they can deal with it themselves.

What this line of reasoning is really getting at is there’s something wrong with a black person, or a hispanic person having relationships with Norse, Greek, Celtic, or Roman dieties. It also spills over that white people shouldn’t have relationships with Asian or Native American dieties. And there are several Asians and Native Americans that would like to perpetuate this idea.

Meanwhile many pagans have embraced the idea that certain non-white magickal systems (like Hoodoo and Santaria) are either evil or not real. They’ve also completely disregarded the fact that the eastern mysteries more than likely are to some extent at the foundation of whatever it is they’re now studying.

This idea doesn’t just extend to race. Many discriminate against other perfectly legal life choices. As an example take the nudists. Many are magick practitioners yet they are often times even discriminated against within circles that do practice skyclad. Another are those that claim an otherkin status. And there’s a big list of other things that are discriminated against.

3 Responses to Magick = White’s Only!

  1. Emmanuele says:

    Thank you for writting this!! Being hispanic it has been very hard for me to explore my connection with the Celtic spirituality that burns in me. I cannot help where and whom I was born from but ever since I was a child I felt a drive to scotland, My family still talks about falling on the floor in tears and shaking the first time I head bagpipes nd how I cried about “going home”. having tied to meet people in the community and being told that I was not welcomed since I was not “connected” to those gods has been painful. Thank you again

  2. Rob says:

    For what it’s worth, you don’t really need the community. You are the only conduit that the gods need to speak to you. You aren’t dependent upon a group or a spiritual community for your divine connection.

    And ultimatly all true spiritual paths lead to the same place anyways. Absolute truth remains regardless of how it is expressed, what myths it is taught through, the rituals connected to it, or the specific dieities involved.

  3. cecil says:

    to emmanuele my ancestry can be tracy back to celtic druides .most of the relgion has ben lost. but my father has told me about the relgion. it has been pass down four over 2000 years in my family.thery is no truth to the pagans relgion to day. so dont fell bad about it.send me a email.

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