Psionic Vampires

This is just a quick overview of some of the things I’ve noticed in dealing with psionic vampires (also known as psychic vampires). I’ve met several incarnate psionic vampires and I’ve had long discussions with them about their views on magick, morals, ect., and I’ve fought several of them, and I’ve encountered several disincarnate psionic vampires too.

I don’t have anything nice to say about psionic vampires either, and I do suggest that they be avoided if at all possible. I’ve never met a psionic vampire that didn’t eventually attack me, usually without provocation. They all tend to have a very icky energy about them too. Their foulness is so strong that it isn’t just felt by those sensitive to this sort of thing. Humans are usually naturally empathic to a degree, and most tend to naturally dislike being near a psionic vampire.

Personality wise they tend to be loners, usually keeping to themselves or hanging around with other psionic vampires. Generally most people can’t stand being around them for long periods of time. They tend to be outcasts of sorts, typically bullied and picked on as children, and they tend to have picked up the bully mentality. They do have a bit more power than most, and since they can attack others who can’t fight back and get away with it they do.

Like bullies they tend to be cowardly. They attack those that they percieve as weaker than them in ways that they assume the other person can’t fight back against. Most tend to be afraid of entities they percieve as more powerful. They try to make others afraid of them, and they’re prone to shows of force (usually with very little else to back it up).

Most psionic vampires are dependent on other vamperic entities. These entities are usually feeding off of the vampire, most times without the vampires knowledge, which makes vamparic feeding a necessity. The vampire is usually under the belief that the entity is the source of most of its power, and that the entity is the more powerful party.

Psionic vampires tend to treat people around them as property that can be owned, and they can become violent if their property is ever threatened. They believe they’re right in doing whatever they want to someone else. They have a very anti-social mentality and no real morals.

A lot of psionic vampires claim they believe that people don’t like them because they don’t understand them, and that they’re doing something good for the world.

Their souls (or whatever you call it) have been chipped away at and are destroyed over time. Eventually it ends up being just a shell, any semblance of the being that once existed long since lost. Some psionic vampires will achieve physical immortality, however immortality tends to drive them insane, and by that point they’re hollowed out and more animal than man.

Most psionic vampires won’t achieve immortality. Those that get close end up as hollowed out disincanate spirits forced to feed to continue their existence.

Most psionic vampires utilize astral projection and dream walking.

Psionic vamparic attacks involve draining energy. An attack from a real psionic vampire feels like having something bury itself deep within you and then you become drained and exhausted. There are some posers and dabblers who can do simpler psionic attacks which involve draining the energy from the surface of you. The posers tend to quickly become as disgusting as real psionic vampires, and some will one day become real psionic vampires.

A psionic attack is sometimes done through touch, but it isn’t necessary. All a psionic vampire needs to attack someone is a connection to anchor themselves to a person. A psionic vampire could manage to make a connection with as little as an email or message board post, although this would be rare and is usually difficult to do. They may also find victims with random astral projection and dreamwalking.

Psionic attacks are easy enough to defend against though. When a psionic vampire draws energy out of a person they’ve created a two way channel between themselves and someone else, and they’re also making a backdoor to any defenses they may have so that they can feed. The victim actually has a lot of power when that kind of unprotected open channel is created, especially since the attacker is helping the victim by sucking through whatever gets put into the channel (*Side Note: If the victim is willing, they could pull things into themselves with the sole intent of sending such things through the vampires channel).

Most psionic vampires hate feeding off of sick people, but if a psionic does feed off you when you’re sick, they can take the sickness from you if you direct the energy correctly.

As stated earlier psionic vampires usually aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, and most are easily tricked by simple ruses.

All of these facts have been acquired from various psionic vampires I’ve come in contact with online and offline. There are always going to be exceptions to any of the rules listed here, and more than likely there are vamparic entities in existence that I’ve never encountered. 99% of the time when dealing with psionic vampires though most, if not all, of this will be true.

Added Note: Before making a comment about how vampires are good and how wrong I am, please read the comment section, particularly this one, as it may save us both some time.

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  1. motsie says:

    Interesting. I don’t like vampires either. I lived in New Orleans until the storm and the nasty energy suckers were all the vogue there.

    Have you encountered anyone who had the capacity to make a sufficient connection to drain on line? If so, what did they use to make the link?

  2. Rob says:


    I’ve met vampires online who were able attempt draining or otherwise attack me. In just about every case there had at least been several emails sent back and forth and usually some time spent in chat rooms talking. Some of the vampires had to establish contact astrally or through dreams prior to being able to attack. However I’ve met people online where all its taken is a single email or message board posting from each and we’ve completely clicked and either of us could’ve initiated a vamperic attack, so I know it’s possible with much less.

  3. Rich G. says:

    I think the important bit is the ‘connection’ between the people, and that can happen online as well as offline. I think that people who are more prone to it happening online are people who are webizens or whatever the word is… ppl conversant in the interweb and how it works… not the many tubes moving information type conversant, but the ability to navigate a newsgroup, work through a chat channel, the familiarity of the thing… wearing the web like a comfortable bit of clothes makes it a part of us… it takes it from the ‘rest of the world realm’ that is ‘out there’ and internalizes it… makes it part of our personal space as it were. Just as proximity is a HUGE help in real life… in the virtual world, the interweb, the more closely attuned to it all we are, the more open we are.

    I’m not sure I’m making sense to anybody else. I have friends who use the internet like they would use a hammer. Not that they hit things with it. They just use it and forget about it. Whole days go by, weeks maybe, without them even thinking about it. They don’t invest themselves in it, or care about it, or let it impact their lives at any more than most people would their hammers or screwdrivers. Those who ‘connect’ to the net though… they’re a different breed. They’re open to psychic attack, even through the ‘net because, IMO, they’ve opened themselves up to it, allowing it in… along with whatever rides the wave with it if they’re not careful.

    Fire up the Psychic Norton and set firewalls to Da’ath!

  4. motsie says:

    As a hammer user, I should be safe. Also, being naturally distrustful, I’m fairly well shielded.

  5. Rob says:

    Links! That’s the word I’ve been looking for. Sorry.

    Links are anchors to people. You can magickally attack a person in the same room as you, for instance. You can find them astrally too. But how do you find someone or attack someone thousands of miles away, or someone you’ve never met. Links!

    The ability to use the interet as a communication medium would help with establishing links with other people. Every time you put something into a medium you leave behind a signature. A small bit of energy that was once part of you, that still has some small connection to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a poem, or a novel, or a letter you wrote by hand to your girlfriend, or a smart-alec remark you made on usenet, some bit of you is signed in there.

    However that bit of a signature is typically very small and very hard to trace back to you. Things that channel out information can usually leave much larger signatures in order for other people to find them through the channeled work. Dieties can also leave very big signatures and can be found through holy works.

    When a work is specifically targetted at a particular person, such as sending me an email, the chance of a link developing becomes a little bit bigger. Psionic vampires are usually very good at establishing links though, and sometimes all they need is a little bit.

    Some people connect together very easily though. They’re souls may be intertwined, or there may be other forces at work, or they could be past life friends, or this is their destiny, or whatever. Sometimes people just click right away, and very, very strong links can be achieved with very little effort. Even as little as an emailed message could establish it.

    Now I’ve really gotten off track of what I was supposed to be talking about. You’re probably right Rich, the ease of use of the internet would have some bearing on a persons ability to establish links through its use.

    However even an internet guru would find it more difficult. It would be like programing in machine code instead of using a compiler. Machine code may have its advantages, but a lot of the time C++ is just plain easier to work with.

    Links are easiest to establish with physical or astral contact. After that being in the same place with the person. After that voice contact. Then you get into personal letters and emails. And then photographs. And then general written words.

    Links can also be established via personal belongings, and you can also jump-link. If I link to you, and you’re linked to your girlfriend, I can establish a link to your girlfriend. And I can even establish a link to her sister. Jump-linking becomes more and more difficult with each jumped link though.

    Maybe I should reiterate all of this in post form now :)

  6. With held says:

    I personally have just found this concept of Psi-vamps and find it rather stimulating since i have long been ‘feeding’ yet ‘giving energy’ to others. What people always seem to forget is that for every ‘evil’ there is a ‘good.’ Now, I grant you that many only see the drug like need of the masses rather than the possitive aspects provided by the few, the Energy Adept.

    Psi-powers can be used to heal, give strength, comfort, relax, calm the angered, to name a few of the weaker powers. And for each– most ‘Norms’ (regular, untrained people)– they can only name the other sides of those coins (i.e taking strength rather than giving it). And this is due to weak minded individuals who are only able to destroy rather than create or manipulate the energy that makes up us all.

    Do I call myself a psi-vamp? No.
    Can I do everything they do? Yes, and more.
    Do I steal all my energy from others? No. Those few of us have mastered the art of renewing energy through our connection with the world and manipulating a persons internal wells that they had no knowlege of. It is true that at time theft is a nessicary evil, but never done without knowlege of the so called ‘victim’

    Well, I have said enough for now.

    name withheld for my own personal safety.

  7. Rob says:

    If a person gives permission for their energy to be taken, for whatever purposes, it’s no longer theft and the person isn’t a victim.

    Although there may be some use in cyphoning some energy to feel out a person’s energy, and you may need some additional energy after being attacked, there’s really no reason for a person to be feeding off of energy. How can anything claim to be powerful when its power is dependent on an external source?

    Likewise, what would a true Energy Adept, as you called it, want with a mundane? I typically shed off more access energy than I’ve ever seen buried within a mundane. It’s far easier to create the energy than to take it vamperically, for an adept at least.

    Why would a person need to utilize the evil side of your coin either? It isn’t necessary to take energy in order to give it. Nothing you’ve named is dependent on feeding off of any energy source, as all of it can easily be done with a person’s innate energy.

  8. Tekla says:

    I believe that perhaps it is unwise to post such falsities on the internet. Perhaps you should be more informed.

  9. Rob says:


    This is not the place to hint at your vast greatness and superiority. So please do educate the rest of us on what these falsities are and what the truth is. And hearing your credentials would help us to evaluate your arguement. But do be warned, stupid people and posers will be permenantly banned from posting here.

    And if nothing else, do elaborate on why it’s ‘unwise’. I take threats against myself very seriously.

  10. Tekla says:

    Think what you want of me. It is of no matter.
    I believe that your research is lacking, and unfair. Thus the need for a more informed site.
    If you actually do wish to be more informed I would suggest you simply open your eyes, and perhaps your search engine, and see what you can find.
    I will not offer any help or explaination, as I feel you have disrespected our kind enough with your “information” and I believe that not a single soul on here would have enough of an open mind to listen to anything I could say.
    I mean not to threaten you by telling you that you are being unwise. It is unfortunate that you understood it that way. Only simply to offer that it may be unwise. Nothing more. Even if only upsetting a community or two of psi’, I would imagine that is not something that you wish to have in your life, considering how you feel about being around such people.
    If you wish to ban me for speaking, or deem me as false, so be it.

  11. Rob says:

    “our kind”

    My first impression is that you’re someone who has read too many vampire novels, or got really caught up in the goth scene, and has identified themselves with the vampire cliche. I have my doubts that you even understand the basics of energy manipulation, let alone enough to actually feed. If that’s the case, you really should stop identifying yourself as a vampire, and stop trying to find vampires and include yourself in that community. If you continue there’s a good chance you’ll find a real psionic one day, and if you’re not prepared for it you may end up fed off of, dead, or worse.

    The alternative is that you are what you say you are, and whether you’re outright lying for some reason or caught in a delusion, you are what I wrote about at the beginning of this post.

    In either case, you’re right in believing that you aren’t welcome here, and you are banned from posting further.

  12. Anna says:

    How do you know so much about this?
    It’s something I just heard about from some Goth kid in my school, so I wanted to do some reaserch. I didn’t actually think it was real.
    Can they really be harmful?
    Are there alot of them?

    • Diane says:

      Anna, I know that this whole conversation was a few years ago but I would like to say that no not all psi’s are dangerous. I know many who are very kind and caring people. This man seems like he does not know much about the other side of this subject. He is extremely biased and I’m sad that he has only seen the dark side of a community. Since it has been so long I don’t know if you’ll read this but to whoever is looking at this site still, this goes to you too. The main use of energy is to heal and relax and manipulate your emotions so as to become more at peace with the world and the people around you. Some people cannot do that on their own. They need to have external resources to gain their energy and this does not always have to mean “attack” like this man is saying. There are many sources from nature where one can gain energy and refreshment. It is also unfair and untrue to say that all vampires are hostile or mean. The only difference for many is the way that they keep themselves going. They are not all goths or emos either… One of my best friends is a vampire and with the way that she practices her feeding, she is one of the brightest and kindest people I know. She brings more light to people’s lives than most normal people I know. Personally, I think that if this man wants to bring hate to this world then he is the darkness that you should fear.

  13. Rob says:

    Anna –

    To answer your first question, from the beginning of the blog entry ‘I’ve met several incarnate psionic vampires and I’ve had long discussions with them about their views on magick, morals, ect., and I’ve fought several of them, and I’ve encountered several disincarnate psionic vampires too.’

    I’m a little bit curious as to what happened between you and the goth kid and why this has piqued your curiousity enough to research it.

    In any case, are they harmful. On a physical level, like anyone else, they can be harmful. This is a person who would probably be classified as extremely anti-social and amoral, a person with very few, if any, ties into society, a person operating with a mostly foreign (by human standards) range of emotions, and they most likely have additional severe emotional problems and a very limited grasp on reality if they aren’t already insane. Plus they have codependency problems and tend to view people as objects they want to own and control. You give someone like that a gun or a knife or any kind of weapon or opportunity, and they may end up hurting or killing someone.

    On a metaphysical level, harmful becomes relative. As far as power and intelligence goes, you’re scraping the bottom of the magickal people barrel. But when someone has no magickal power, that’s enough to do a lot of damage. They also pose a psychological danger. There are things out there that are far better at playing psych games, but vampires still pose a threat. They’ll play off of things like compassion, fear, bitterness, and guilt to get into your life, and they may try to offer you power at a price. If you’re stable and balanced and reasonable though, they won’t be able to get that far into you. To the same ends some can utilize glamours and thought suggestions. But these types of manipulation should be very easy to neutralize by a practitioner, still they can be very effective against those that can’t defend against them.

    I mainly view vampires as an annoyance, albeit they are a pain in the ass to deal with. Although I can see how they can be dangerous to others. They may feed off a person, kill them, magickally or physically harass a person, ect. They may go after their loved ones. And they may corrupt a person and turn them into something like them. For some, even if the initial ordeal is survived, it can still have long term effects and trauma.

    As for their numbers, I can’t say for sure how many there are. They tend to lie and bluff. And for every real psionic you find there are about fifty people claiming to be it. They don’t seem to be unified though, and some of the more generous estimates are very exaggerated. They’re usually on the fringes of society. If you deal with the pagan or goth communities you’re more likely to come across one. Otherwise they tend be drifters, sometimes homeless, sometimes working the lower end of unskilled jobs for short periods of time. Some will intentionally go to places claiming to be for vampires.

    Usually they can’t stay anywhere for long. People tend to be upset being around them, and sooner or later they’ll be chased away. Fired from jobs, evicted from homes, and generally harassed. And they also tend to break laws quite often too.

    A couple of emotions vampires do understand are fear and pain. If you can make them afraid, if you can cause them pain, you can usually get rid of them. Most will move on to an easier prey if they perceive you as being that powerful early on. If not, just be aware that they’re out there, and don’t let any into your life, and you’ll probably be fine. If you befriend them, date them, or learn from them, then you’re probably going to have to successfully fight them in order to survive leaving them.

  14. Anna says:

    Basically what happened is this, I really liked this guy…he seems so charming, beautiful, wondeful. Anyways, we started spending alot of time together and every time i was around him I felt…I dunno, like drained and tired and stuff.
    He was really weird too, kinda unstable emotions and not alot of friends and stuff.
    anyways, one day i noticed he wears an aunkh and when I asked him about it he told me that he was a psionic vampire. He said he would not tell me more, becuase he didnt want me to stop seeing him. He sais it was nothing bad, and that he would never hurt me and all that stuff.
    So I wanted to find out what the deal was.
    And so far all the information I have found is like, tied for people who are against it and people who are for it.
    I guess I just want to know what I could be getting myself into is all.
    And wonder why they are hated so much, it seemes that there are two “vampire” communities…..psionics and sanguans……can’t remember how to spell it but basically blood drinkers. And it would seem that the people who drink blood hate the people who “feed” from energy…..
    Could all this be crap and people just be crazy?

  15. Rob says:

    Everyone here is crazy, but it’s okay, we run the place.

    Sangs are typically harmless. Like anyone, they can be crazy psychopaths, but for the most part they tend to feed off of donors and stay in their little sang-donor groups. Leave them be and you’ll probably never have to worry about one.

    Magickally they don’t seem to have any ability at all. There are, however, certain physical and mental ailments that can cause certain cravings. There are people in the world who crave eating human feces. This isn’t mystical and it doesn’t give them any magickal powers. Blood is not very different, although less gross.

    I can’t tell you if this friend of yours is a psionic or if he’s just been playing too many White Wolf games. If you say he’s been draining you, and your instincts tell you this, then there’s a good chance he is.

    At the point you seem to be at, it’s most likely going to be difficult for you to walk away. A psionic that’s been let in as deep as he has isn’t going to want to let you go. He’ll come at you both physically and metaphysically if you try to leave.

    It doesn’t seem to me like he’s interested in just feeding off of you. I’m pretty sure he intends to turn you into what he is a little ways down the line. If you give in and let him, it isn’t going to be very hard.

    What concerns me is what you’ve said here, “he seems so charming, beautiful, wondeful.”, very vague and in contrast to what you say a little later, “He was really weird too, kinda unstable emotions”. And you don’t seem like a goth chic, and you don’t seem like someone who has been interested in magick for a while, and so why are you suddenly attracted to a guy like this? Do you even have an answer?

    There’s a chance he’s managed to put these thoughts in your head. Either suggestions, which would just be blanket thought inserts that you then confuse as your own, or through a glamour to make him seem like something more than what he is to you, or through some sort of love spell, or a combination of these.

    If you want to be sure of this, you need to take some time and do serious, honest, and brutal introspection and look at yourself, and realize exactly what you’re attracted to and why you’re attracted to these things, and why you feel the emotions that you do. And then see if the thoughts or feelings you’re having now fit your usual patterns, or if they seem different than what they should be. Also be careful if he seems too similar to current friends, exboyfriends, ect. It’s a common trick to appear to be like someone you already are attached to, have judged, and trust.

    When dealing with a vampire, your best bet is to cut off all communications. You want to tear down any link they may have to so they can’t get at you. You also have to remember that physically they tend to become like stalkers and usually need to be dealt with as such.

    On a metaphysical level you need to stop speaking to him, seeing him, being in the same place as him, and get rid of anything he’s given to you. Also get rid of anything of yours he may have a strong connection with including things he’s encouraged you to buy and clothes and jewlery he may have worn. If he has a solid connection to anything he’s given you, harming the object may harm him. Stab it, shred it, incinerate it, get creative.

    On a physical level, you need to get away. This can mean changing phone numbers, changing schools, changing jobs, and moving away. Also involve the police if possible. Think of him in terms of a potentially homicidal stalker.

    Vampires are a parasitic bastardization. For light or dark, good or evil, they have no accepted place in this universe. They tend not to be well liked by the divine, and if you can get an active alter to some deity in your home, ideally where you sleep, it can do a lot to protect you and keep you safe. Divine energy is a deterrent to vampires, and a deity that likes you can protect you.

    Whether or not you want to look at this as a Christian perspective, angelics are out there and they do have a purpose. They will protect an innocent, and they’re not going to like a vampire. If you’re able to, you can look to them for protection.

    A good book to find is Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune. This is the classic primer on magickal combat, and Fortune having dealt with vampires in her own life gives quite a bit of good information about them. It can be gotten online at Barnes and Noble (I prefer them to Amazon), and a lot of times both Borders and B&N will carry it in their stores. A lot of times you can’t get it in a magick shop though. It takes up too much space that they need for books on gay and lesbian lifestyles.

    I can tell you that you won’t be able to save or change your friend. He’s made his choices and he’s pretty much lost at this point. It’s too late to walk away, he won’t let you willingly leave him, and if you give in and stay with him he’ll turn you into what he is.

    This is going to be your trial by fire. Choices lie ahead for you. You can choose to see your friend for what he is, or you can choose to remain loyal to him. You’ll see wonderful things you never imagined could’ve existed and be tempted with great power, or you can choose to find the power within yourself and fight against it. You have a choice between weakness and strength.

    I think you’re on the verge of evolving spiritually. Either you’ll become a vampire like your friend, or you’ll find the strength you possess and successfully fight him off. Either way, you’ll be forever changed. If you fail to prove yourself here, you’ll be destroyed.

    I’ll end on this. Being a vampire is a horrible and miserable existence, and it’s a mistake you may never be able to rectify. It’s something that isn’t just this lifetime, but something that will follow you into the afterlife and beyond.

    Good luck, and I hope all turns out well for you.

  16. Necro says:

    To all:

    I my self use psionics and i feel that the creator of this blog is right. I have fought some of them and they are not a pretty site to behold.

    Some of them can sense your aura or see it and when they are able to establish any sort of conection with ther “victim” they add suggestion in the mind to cloud your thoughts.

    And more on the metapsychical side of things they do eventually turn into life less shell that only want to consume living enery or the “kundalni” that flows upwards from your base chakra. They are very contolling, agressive, persuasive by suggestion, and HIGHLY dangerous.

    I have been dealing with magick and psionics since i was 11 and ill be 24 in a few weeks and from the battles that i have had wich honestly they were few, they were not pretty.

    If you can learn to sense other peopls aura around you, you can tell who is flowing with the vibrating enery of the sun and earth or who is one that dabbles in darkness.

  17. Ariana says:

    I’ve met a sang vampire before, and she turned out to have quite an aptitude for psi. Also, I don’t really think that what you say about psionic vampires is correct. Not all of them attack people, and not all have what you describe as ‘an icky energy’.
    It’s not good to stereotype. There are bad, and there are those who are good. There’s never one whole general term to describe all of them.

  18. Steam says:

    I’m a psivamp, and I’m okay. I sleep all night. I work all day.
    if you want to AIM me my screen name is [removed by mod]
    promise not to attack ya ;D

  19. Davrick says:

    Steam (the post above me) had some pretty interesting things to say, and from what he says, it is almost pointless for a psionic vampire to attack you from over the internet. But from what he told me, it is possible to fix psionic vampires if you get them soon enough.

    He also told me a lot about how and why many psionic vampires start acting as a host for another entity, apparently it can have some pretty disturbing benefits to both the human and the entity, but he wouldn’t tell me exactly how it was done.

    Oh, and he gave me some pretty weird tricks for avoiding vampiric attacks, and described how most of the weaker and some of the more powerful techniques used by psionic vampires are preformed, in detail.

    Pretty scary stuff, but I think I’m better off with some knowledge of the enemy.

    I recommend dropping him a line if you can, he seems pretty decent, if not a little unnerving.

    And he apparently is one of the psionic vampires shooting for immortality, and from what he told me, it may actually be possible.

  20. Rob says:

    After giving it some thought I’ve removed Steam’s AIM name from his post. On one hand, it’s not my place to protect people from what they want to seek out. On the other hand though, if you really want to speak with a psionic, you can find one easy enough without my blog being used as a lure for them. I’d rather not be a party to it.

    Davrick, I completely understand your need to learn about them. Before I knew much I allowed them to feed off of me so I could understand how they did it. But you need to remember to be very careful when going down that path, and that anything a psi tells you may be a lie. They’re also known to be manipulative and utilize things like glamours, lures, and thought suggestions.

  21. Santorina says:

    All this is very interesting. Does anyone know what one of these psi vampires aura would look like? If you have no choice but to be exposed what can you do to protect yourself besides what has been listed above. Some sort of mental exercise perhaps.

    I dont desire to talk to Steam really but I would like to know more about the techniques and wierd tricks that were shared with Davric, to know the enemy as you said.

    I am also very interested in what With held said being a Energy Adept, first time I have seen this term. I wonder if you are taking others bad energy inside yourself in order to help this person what are you doing with it afterward? I’m going to assume some answer like ” I turn it into something else, a higher form of energy ” but is that a true viable option?

    Rob, you seem to be well versed on this subject. Do you perhaps care to share with us any of the answers to the above questions? A simple exercise for guarding the mind or aura. Or Necro you tell us you have fought several of these individuals, give us some steps to arm ourseves.

    I sincerely hope to hear from each of you.

  22. Rob says:

    What an aura would look like on anyone would depend on who’s doing the looking. In order to read auras a person needs to learn how they see and interpret auras, and the only way to do that is through experience. The energy signature on a psi vamp though is very strong and nasty and easy enough to identify as bad.

    If you really have a want to protect yourself, the best way is to identify them early and cut off all contact. Often times it takes them a while to set up a solid connection, and with time they can dupe you with manipulation and thought suggestions.

    Beyond that, and if it’s gone further, we’re talking normal magickal combat for the most part. You either have to redirect or otherwise sever the link to them, or you have to deter them through magickal violence. Psi vamps tend to follow the same predictable routine and they have a limited number of means through which to attack, and they have a very low ceiling on their upper power, this means they tend to be much easier to fight than a random magician, especially once their typical patterns are identified by the practitioner. It’s still magickal combat though, and all the basic principles of magickal combat and fighting other practitioners apply. Anything that would increase your overall magickal abilities would in turn aid you in better defending yourself against a psionic vampire. The best exercise is to get into some magickal scrapes and learn how to fight better.

    As for withheld, 10 to 1 says he’s a roleplayer with no real ability or practical experience. It’s possible he is a psi vamp himself and just spreading bullshit, but I doubt it. Occam’s razor favors him just being a dumb-ass.

  23. None says:

    If you think that all who claim to be a psi-vamp are merely roll-players, what is the point of this site?
    You sure seem closed minded for a person who claims to know so much about “other worldy things”

  24. Dean says:

    I am a psy vamp. I help people with emotional Issues, and lend them energy to make them happy. People I talk to have confused me to be angelic, loving, caring and “light”. Many people love me, I am very social, I won’t attack a person with energy draining.. I think the poster of this has ran in to some of the corrupt ones. Overall, some of us are normal loving, caring people with families who will go out of our way to help people and make them happy. I do this because I prefere the joyful happy energy from people, when I am surrounded by this it makes me feel strong. I don’t steal energy from a person, no. I use a mix of psycology and compassion to help the person raise their own energy level and in return I take some. I don’t overdo it.. they are usually very happy and left with wonderful impressions.

  25. Dean says:

    On a second note, I am also a psycologist. I give my patients good energy without them knowing it and not one person has ever complained to me, and every single one of them are happy to see me on visits. It’s a reverse process, I can get very tired from this and my wife often gives me energy through simple love and care. hmm, I understand some of you being against this.. but with coupled with strong empathic abilites and psy vampirism we can make some of the most pleasent and down to earth people. Perhaps I am more mature than most who use this because I am an older man. I hope to see more of you who will begin to learn about us and understand that some of us are good people, mabye even perhaps your BBQ neighbor buddy. :-)

    • Diane says:

      Thank you so much for saying this point of view :)
      I’m also studying to be a psychologist actually and that is a very good point. Many people say that I have a very nice energy about me. Whenever people come to me with their problems, they always leave with a smile on their face and feeling refreshed and happier.
      I wish some of these people would see both sides of the situation and stop being so closed minded

  26. marlene says:

    just thought i would jump in on this, not all vampires psi ect ect ect
    are bad, i have meet many in my time some are worse than what
    you described, i studied and still study them to this day..
    there are also many that do not know that they are psi vamps are any type
    at all, some yes drain you to no point, give you nightmares, headaches
    the list goes on and on man.. but here is another point of view too.
    there are the ones that are good, they heal, they teach others how to
    defend agenst the ones that could care less about who what where and how they get
    you energy as long as they get it, they purify the energy around them
    also, i could go on and on but thought to just type a few real facts..

  27. AstralSkyes says:

    Rob,why not respond to Ariana’s reply? I think she has a good point. Try and stereotype the general population of the world,and what do you get? A whole bunch of-Liars,Backstabbers,Cheaters,Cowardly,Repressed,Boring,No-Moral,Gullible,Low-Intelligent,Cold-Hearted lazy bums. What makes a psychic or a physical attack the only sin? Heh. Of course no one is perfect,and not everyone is like this,but most of them are as I described above. You say there are not many Psi Vampires alive,so just what the heck is the rest of the world’s excuse!?!

  28. mandalin says:

    Its funny that you almost had horrible things to say about us psionic vampires. We aren’t all bad. Like Marlene said there are good and bad. I know of bad clans but in my clan we dont feed off energy to hurt people. Actually we take the energy and kind of recycle it I guess you could put it. I don’t want all people who do come across us to hate us. You will know if you come across a bad one of us. But on the other hand you will definitely know if you have come across a good one of us.
    And just to set this straight. There are a lot of us that do like to keep to ourselves. But there are others that have ventured out into more populated areas with people either because they want to feed off of peoples energy or because like my clan we like to help people.

  29. mandalin says:

    Oh and also rob I would like to say that you are very learned in the dark psionic ways. I am very sorry to hear that you havent met one of the lighter ones. Hopefully you will and the experience will be better for you. The information that you have posted is very accurate. But it is lacking the lighter side. That is all.

  30. Scarlet says:

    Wow…that’s all I have to say. I think it’s stereotypical to be so stereotypical…lol. “Look, a group of something that is different! All must be bad!” This happens in religion often enough…now, to something that you said- you said, “there’s really no reason for a person to be feeding off of energy.” Man, everything is energy…the salad (or burger) you ate, milk, soda, cheese…a vegetarian could be tearing you up for the unnecessary use of meat when humans can survive being vegan. You do realize that most beings leave an energy trail behind them because we naturally make so much energy, right? An aura is technically made of energy. If all that a psi is doing is sipping, no harm done. There are probably so many people doing this innately and not realizing it, I’ve found a lot of them myself. These beings are dangerous as well, if not more so, because faced with a crap load of stress, they can and will drain others around them without realizing and can inflict more damage. Psi vamps, while there are bad ones (just like murdering, raping humans in general) there are also those that take little bits from lots of people, and the people aren’t worse for wear. Furthermore, if you do research into vampirism, you’ll find that lots of vamps actually have a conscience and that those that feed off one person and drain them are ostracized by the other vamps…that is not the way of it. I think it might be interesting to hear what you have to say about this, lol.

    • Rob says:

      I also think ALL pedophiles are horrific pieces of garbage. Maybe you can go on and on about how some only partially rape children and how all of us have sex with people sometimes and they shouldn’t be judged as a whole.

      Your meat argument is completely invalid. All things have a proper place within the cycles of nature, the eaten, the eater, ect., and everything contributes to the whole of the universe. Watch the Lion King, it explains everything. Vampires are leeches. They don’t contribute. They take, with force, what they have no claim to. And meat is not energy in the metaphysical sense, and it would be immoral to vamp an animal the same as it would be a human.

      With vampirism we aren’t talking about eating left over energy, that’s scavenging, different from leeching. Still, outward energy isn’t the same as left energy. Energy connects back into us in a chain, our outward energy, our aura, all of that is part of us and still belongs to us. And mundies aren’t unintentionally vamping as you put it. The process is an energy pass-through which has lasting effects and perfectly normal. They operate differently than magickally inclined people. The tiredness is not a stealing of energy (as there is no gain) but an internal overworking due to external factors, and natural empaths are more sensitive than most to this.

      Psi vamps don’t sip, they know to instinctively go towards the gooey center. Posers sip from the outside. They’re still bottom-feeders, just a less dangerous variety. It’s like saying it’s okay to steal so long as you only take a small amount that someone can afford to lose.

      A vampire is someone who wants more power than what they have, doesn’t want to invest time and work to get it, and so they forcibly take from those weaker than themselves, and it’s morally justified because the vampire is unconcerned with anyone but themselves. They can not be defined as anything but trash, and furthermore they’re bottom-feeders, the best of them still don’t have a fraction of the power of an experienced adept. Hell I shouldn’t even have to explain that they’re evil, a vampire is a disgusting, rotting, classic horror movie monster.

      Assuming you, and whatever other sympathizers may come here, aren’t vampires themselves, go out and hang with the psi-vamp community if you want to. Love them, take care of them, whatever. I’m not stopping you, I never have, so I don’t see why you try to argue this with me. I’ve given you ample warning about what’s going to happen. They’ll use you, manipulate you, feed off you, maybe kill you, maybe kill your friends and loved ones, and if you try to get away they’ll stalk and harass you. If you survive that, maybe then you’ll be smart and experienced enough to understand what they are. If not than you were both stupid and weak and natural selection did the rest.

      I’ve given the lot of you the information and tools you need to deal with vampires, I’ve done my part. I’ll continue to answer legitimate questions concerning vampires, abilities, combat, personal experiences, whatever. I’m however done having this same argument about how they’re really good and largely misunderstood souls, complete with the typical stock of insane, illogical, and stupid pro-vampire arguments, such as claiming that eating meat somehow morally equates to an energy drain. If someone has something completely new that isn’t stupidity that I haven’t yet heard to say for the pro-vampire side, maybe I’ll look at it, but I doubt that’ll be coming here, and if it’s a common argument I’ve heard it, I’ve heard everything in this post and every other comment on here somewhere else before. Otherwise I’m not responding and will most likely delete the comment. Not to say I can’t argue these things, just that I have better things to do than try and convince stupid people not to stick forks into electrical outlets.

      P.S. Always remember that vampires manipulate and lie. Just because a vampire told you something that puts them in a better light it doesn’t make it true.

      • toni says:

        i had the same expirience this trash feeded upon my soul after realising i have metapsycal abbilites and now he show them of to others claiming that they are theres they are evl this vampire was so into me he accutaly said and i qute we will kill your family he always said we we we will do this will will do that he knows telephaty from book he constantly spyed on me i tryed to do a ritual to cleanse my self of cords then suddenly whisper out of nowhere he even casted demons omto me tryed to kill me whit spelll vodoo black energy chi atztack he is disgusting when i try to bind himn he send a spell on me when i try to pray he told me i will destroy you he psycicly attack me i was trembling whole night he feeded on my soul when i woke iup i lost my psycic abbilites and he told me i was one that is evil he said to me evil amnd he told about how there is no evil and such and we live in program and how sickness and poverty is just a glitch in program and so on he tried to kill me whit ectoplasma fire toughtform demons ghost suck me dry till i have nothing left no souzl energy there was three of them they are insane he sended regular toughform so that i fear attached to me back chakra then posses me over night i was screaming i was thinking demons want to posses me astral attack treats and who knows what and i heard them lugh when i been on psychology test when o didnt know how to solve somnethig he even said what are you going to do who will help you and such he possesed my dad and attacked me whitt my power which i lost due sucking so i dont know they attack somone who they percive as weaker than them and they are evil and left me to root i had losed my imagination tzo my memory i odntz know will i ever be able to work and i losed large part of my thinking and cogniive abbilities

  31. Mangarmr says:

    Rob I think you are out of touch with reality on alot of your claims. You state that sanguine vampiri do not use magick. Well oddly im a vampir and I use sangomancy, feed from various sources from sanguine, astral, death energy, elemental, universial and so on. Perhaps before you boast on how much you think you know about vampirism try asking a vampir, what he or she does.

    • Rob says:

      To start, having a physical and/or psychological disorder that causes you to crave and consume any human bodily fluid, in this case blood, does not grant a higher state of enlightenment or magickal power. It just means you have issues and should probably see a doctor.

      Secondly, what language are you trying to speak to look cool? Vampiri would be the Italian plural of vampire, but the singular would be vampiro, not vampir. Vampir, I believe, is Hungarian, but I think the plural would be something like vampirok. There might be a way to get it to vampiri, but that language is so messed up I don’t know how and I think you might be saying it’s your vampires or something by then, if it’s even possible. I might believe you were using an alternate middle English spelling, but the plural would be vampirs or vampires, not vampiri.

      Correct me if I’m wrong here, I’m guessing you assumed these words would make you look gothy, intelligent, maybe even mystical, and not like a completely uneducated and uncultured dumb-ass, and that’s why you decided to use them?

      • Mangarmr says:

        With all do respect Rob, I am not gothic. You are correct in one comment. Vampiri is plural as Vampir is hungarian to my native country. So I am not trying to look as you say “cool” but to use my native tongue. Oddly all the sterotypes you assume I am, uneducated, goth, uncultured, simply unknowing who I am with the presumption that vampiri are goth for one is laughable, secondly I have a degree in theology and they do not just hand these out, third and last, it would probably be a safe bet that I have been to more countries then you have been states.

        • Rob says:

          I don’t know, I’ve been to an awful lot of states (does Mexico count as a state?).

          You still haven’t explained why you’re using the word vampir. You write an all English post on an English website and yet you insist on keeping one word in another language. Were you unaware of the English?

          I also think you would be hard up to find any sanguinarian community that wasn’t populated largely by members of the goth subculture (at least from an outsiders perspective. South Park did clarify the issue). Besides I didn’t call you goth, I accused you of trying to look gothy.

          And they do hand out all sorts of degrees, theology degrees included.

          In any case I don’t see what any of this has to do with my claim, which seemed to insult you, that drinking blood as a compulsion and on a regular basis, as sanguarian vampires do and in contrast to singular instances of blood magick inside of ceremonial magick and spellwork, does not impart any metaphysical ability or knowledge.

          • Scarlet says:

            It’s not off topic…I find the subject matter of vampires interesting…I just want to know what you have for education and credentials…you tend to ban or delete anyone that doesn’t agree with you. Oh, and for the record, don’t fill your head up with ideas…I’m on the mail list for when there’s been a reply…I don’t hover around here, salivating for more…there are better places to go for philosophical discussion. I just think it’s unfair that you can bash people, and give out “non-argumentative insults’ (?) but can’t take it. It’s hilarious…

            • Rob says:

              Actually I very rarely delete anything and Mangarmr is, IIRC, the very first person I’ve banned for something other than spamming my blog. And he got banned for making comments using alternate screen names and emails and then insulting me while saying how right Mangarmr is about everything. I don’t have time for that sort of bullshit, and surprise, my initial assessment of his character was spot on.

              Besides I can ban or delete whatever I want. This is my blog. Says so on the top.

        • Rob says:

          Congrats, you’re now banned for puppeting.


  32. Scarlet says:

    And you sound so educated yourself, hey? I still think that you are biased and do not actually know your elbow from a hole in the wall, to put it nicely. I bet you think that wolves will eat children as well…

    • Rob says:

      And yet you still read my blog after all these months. Hell, you’re getting to be a regular commentator here.

      In any case, don’t bother posting anything else that’s off-topic or non-argumentative insults. I’m just deleting it.

  33. marlene says:

    just thought i would see how this topic was going after many months of you guys talking back and forth.
    the various things we know and do not know about
    vampires is amazing. also maybe sharing a few things,
    like shielding or teaching how to shield from these
    bad vampires that feed just for the hell of it.

  34. Natalie says:

    Wait wait wait, ghouls? seriously? that’s bullshit, complete bullshit, when has anyone seen a ‘zombie like creature’ if it is an animated corpse, honestly when have you seen in the news or something “Person chased by ghoul!” it’s just so stupid, the whole idea of it, now, psi-vampires, that’s a bit more believable but ghouls are just silly.
    inb4 “the news conspiracy hides stuff like that”
    There aren’t any comments of people talking about their “encounters with a ghouls” and if there was I’d still doubt it, I mean, Ghouls! so silly

    • Rob says:

      About three or four years ago I had dinner with a couple, each of which was head of a local pagan meet-up group that they were planning on joining together. Also with us was a guy who was very well respected in the community at the time and, unbeknown to the other two, he was at the time on an otherkin kick and promoting this idea throughout the local community. The conversation drifted to a local otherkin meet-up group, and this couple started making fun of the people involved and the entire idea of an otherkin.

      After the two left, this guy, who had been quiet during the conversation, turns to me and says, “You see this a lot. People (meaning members of the community) will believe anything no matter how absurd or unbelievable or how much faith it requires, so long as it’s their thing. But as soon as you bring up anything that isn’t their thing, they become incredibly narrow minded.”

      I’ve talked with about a dozen people who have had first hand encounters with ghouls. I’ve seen some other things out there that weren’t human too, and heard about many, many more. Some of this stuff does make the news. Mostly in newspapers and usually local stories, so you have to look for it. There’s no conspiracy, it’s just an area that isn’t typically considered real journalism, and unfortunately the vast majority (though not all) of folks who have specialized in it have been unethical and fraudulent in their reporting.

      I’ve seen so many things which are outright surreal and which I can’t fully explain that I tend to at least keep an open mind to the possibility of a thing and not call it bullshit just because it seems far-fetched and outside my current realm of experiences.

      • Natalie says:

        Well pardon my closed mind but things like spirits, demons, etc (things we ‘can’t see’ or are in another realm (hell or w/e) things we can’t prove exist seem more likely, just for that reason, because we /can’t/ prove them, compared to something tangible such as a ghoul, a werewolf, a chupacabra, jersey devil (etc) those sorts of things should leave behind proof, so if they exist they should be able to prove their existence, at least making them credible to some point (I believe in Bigfoot, for instance, because of the ammount of evidence that’s backs it up, clumps of “unidentified hair” casting of foot prints, recordings of Bigfoot vocalizations, and the many, many testimonies were enough to persuade me at least)
        Anyway, back on topic, all I can find on ghouls or zombies are folk tales and things like that… why would they even exist? what would the reason behind their existence be? black magic or something? Resident evil-like virus?

        • Rob says:

          Cryptozoology is an all together fascinating subject, however the existence of a non-supernatural as of yet undiscovered creature (like bigfoot) differs from something like a ghoul or werewolf, both in regards to the nature of the thing being looked for and in chances of evidence being widely reported in the media or looked at seriously in a scientific study. In addition to having seen ghouls myself I’ve talked to numerous living individuals who claim to have seen them. I’ve also heard, second hand, stories and reports of ghouls from around the world.

          I’ve personally never seen any evidence of a werewolf or any kind of animal shapeshifter, I’ve only heard stories of them. There’s enough evidence to keep me very open minded about their possible existence at this point. They’d be very difficult to prove the existence of too, since they are either a normal man or a wolf most of the time. You’d have to catch them while they were changing.

          I’ve never really been interested enough to even look at the Jersey Devil. The only reason why I’d believe such a thing probably exists is because it comes from New Jersey, and there’s all sorts of weird shit coming out of New Jersey. If you told me you saw the Spaghetti Monster I’d be very skeptical, unless you said it was in Jersey, then I’d probably believe you :)

          As for zombies, which are different than ghouls, the best source you’ll find is an Ethnobotonist author by the name of Wade Davis. The scientific community has been very critical and skeptical of his work, however. Wade’s theory is the general consensus among serious zombie believers, that a zombie is created through a method of drugging a victim developed in Hati by local Voodoun practitioners.

          Ghouls meanwhile are a product of psionic vampirism. There are reports of some psionic vampires being able to retard aging via vampiric feeding. My best guess would be that something similar is going on with the ghoul state, that through psionic feeding the body is able to sustain itself after death. Also the vampiric state seems to give some advantage in keeping the astral body connected to the physical body after death. I honestly don’t know the exact process through which a vampire becomes a ghoul, only that it does happen that way. I’m currently reading a very enlightening grimore dealing with vampiric entities and maybe I’ll come across something dealing with ghouls, but so far the book hasn’t spent much time on physical incarnations (except it regards to how to kill them).

          But the ghoul state is why the traditional method of killing a vampire in folklore was decapitation followed by cremation. complete destruction of the body is the only way to be sure that the vampire is dead.

          • Natalie says:

            Ah, thanks again! I see… honestly I don’t really know what a ghouls supposed to be like, your description is the first I’ve ever read about one, other than that my idea of a ghoul were the micro-chip manufactured “ghouls” (that were vampire rip-offs) in this anime, Hellsing (sorry for bringing stupid stuff like anime up)
            I read the part on psionic vampires… but tell me, would you consider them monsters? I mean.. would a psionic vampire KNOW what it is? example, some days I feel like I suck the energy out of someone, lik after talking to them I feel so vitalized, am I claiming I’m a psionic vampire? heeeeell no, it was likely just their good mood passing onto me, and sometimes after talking to someone I feel totally drained, again, probably their mood just influencing me, but you get my point, right?

            • Rob says:

              I like anime :)

              It would depend on your definition of monster. If you mean like Grover and Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, no. If you mean like Ted Bundy, then yes

              Vampires are aware of what they’re doing. What they do requires intent. Magical people tend to soak nearby energy like a sponge naturally (where as non-magical people tend to take it in and release it), but this energy is left energy. All things shed energy to some extent, and this energy tends to stay near where it was shed for a time. Other things come along and pick it up. The energy belongs to no one, and there is nothing unethical about taking this, in fact many of the physical laws of this universe are dependent upon this act occurring constantly.

              Also be aware that it is perfectly natural for you to get a high from spending time with someone you like. It’s just normal joy and happiness from being in a happy or social situation. This high can also cause your body to create larger amounts of energy than normal, thus energizing you moreso than normal and possibly leading to a manic state (large amounts of emotionally charged energy + a positive emotion), but this is something you’re making, not taking.

              When you’re drained it isn’t that they stole your energy. When you meet someone who is in a bad mood, their energy is going to be imbalanced. If you’re in a good or okay mood, your energy will be balanced. At least to some degree you’re going to come into contact with each others energy empathically. This works out good for the other person, because your balanced energy will help balance them. Perhaps not completely balance them, but balance them moreso than they were. But their negative energy is going to effect and twist your energy, imbalancing you and making you feel how they feel. Generally speaking when you come into contact with someone having a nervous breakdown you aren’t driven into one too (although this does occur with a strong and poorly disciplined empath). This is partly because the energy isn’t effecting you strongly enough. And it’s partly because your body’s natural response to the negative energy that is effecting and changing it is to fight it. As the energy is twisting and changing inside of you, you’re twisting and changing it back. As the energy is becoming imbalanced, you’re balancing it. But doing this is taxing, thus you feel drained. They didn’t take anything from you, the two of you just had an influence on each others energy.

              And that’s the gist of what empathy is and basically how it works. Strong empaths tend to have issues dealing with people, especially with large crowds of people, because of this, at least until they develop some methods to help them fight and cope with this effect.

  35. Fawn says:

    This is a pretty fascinating topic. I did a little bit of research about revenants for a book a few months ago and I think it was on wikipedia (yeah, I know…but I love that site :(() it quoted a bishop or something in the middle ages(I’m not a very good quoter, obviously) who basically said that with all of the evidence put forward, it was impossible not to believe in them. I know this was written in the middle ages when they also believed the world was flat (I think)but you know, they did figure out a lot to do with concussions and other medical conditions as well as procedures to treat them without the benefit of computers.

    Look up ‘revenants’ on wikipedia anyway, it’s fascinating, true or not.

    Anyway, I’m just passing through. Interesting discussion though :)

    • Rob says:

      The stories on Wikipedia are varied enough that I would guess they refer to different things. The first Newburgh story is the only one that jumps out at me as probably being a vampire. In fact, there are enough things inferred in the story that I would say, supposing the story is entirely factual, that it was most definitely a vampire.

  36. Genesis says:


    I would like to thank you, Rob, for providing such an accurate description of psionic vampires. I do not claim to be any kind of expert on psychic vampires and I am certainly not versed in any kind of magic whatsoever. I just happen to have experienced a full attack from a psionic vampire a few years ago who “went for my juggler,” so to speak. At first I put up no defense because I didn’t believe or know that this type of thing even existed. I was a stupid victim, truly.

    I can attest first hand that everything that Rob has described about psionic vampires is precise.
    I only wish that I had come across his blog as I was experiencing the assault so that I could have understood what I was dealing with better. At the time, however, I am sure that this man had connected so deeply in me, and had manipulated my mind so greatly, that I would have been unable to consider the truth. When I read Rob’s “quick overview” now – each point he makes unerringly describes the vampire who manipulated me. I hope that the young girl who wrote earlier heeded Rob’s warnings. I was to the point that I was being changed into one myself – I was in a desperate situation -until my sister recognized my state and helped me find a way to break away. She helped me identify his lies and his creepy temptations. It was my trial by fire. I was tempted like crazy to give in – I was without energy and felt like I had no way out – full of fear.

    My sister helped me turn to the divine – to pray. I saw things and experienced tremendous help against powers that, “I never imagined could have existed” and I can say now that I am truly blessed to have fought such a fight. It felt like I bit into the proverbial apple from the tree of knowledge and I was humbled by it. This “help” gave me the insight to do exactly what Rob had suggested that one do if one encounters such a being who has given himself over to the void ( that’s how I see it). If a psionic vampire is attached to you and you want out – you must cut yourself off completely – and I mean completely – and Rob’s right – a psionic vampire will not let go easily. It is a hellish state to be connected to a vampire – quite frightening when those entities who have a hold on you don’t want to let go. But, by the grace of God, I got away and I gathered strength. It took almost a year. My life had never gotten out of hand completely; my family remained healthy and intact, my career, my friends all remained stable because I never let on to everyone (except my closest friends) that this attack was occurring. The vampire had wanted all my relationships to fail and he wanted me to talk about his attack so that I would look insane. He did his best to ruin my reputation, but failed. His link to me did link-jump or whatever you call it – to my beautiful daughter in the form of the spirit of anxiety for a bit but I once I recognized this – I was able to get divine help to combat this entity. Sounds insane, even now. I so appreciate this chance to speak to someone who seems to really understand this phenomena.

    I was able to see how the lives that he touched – crumbled. People he had been in contact with for long periods of time, had broken relationships, addictions, severe sicknesses and one even died. I do not have proof that he was the cause but I do not believe in coincidences and I am blessed not to have been a complete victim.

    I searched and prayed and eventually I understood pretty much exactly what had happened to me – and it was just as Rob describes it. Later, when I was “well” and strong, I allowed myself to have limited contact with this guy at work – I had to shield myself and become a warrior. I know, full well, that my power did not come from me but was granted me upon my humble and desperate request. Prayer was my weapon and proved to be all powerful – I learned the truth about love – and its strength against all darkness. St. Therese the Little Flower came to my aid and her love for God permeated my being. Mother Teresa visited me and gave me peace as well as admonishing me about my situation. I am in complete debt to St. Michael the Archangel as well as my guardian angels. His Blessed Mother and Jesus truly is the way, the truth and the life. If I sound like a simpleton or Jesus freak – so be it.

    All I know is that I lost all fear of this psychic vampire. I found out that the chord that he attached to me was a two-way street and instead of severing it altogether, I – for lack of better terms – prayed specific prayers through it and was able to block his connections to others who I knew he was attacking. Innocents. He hates me. And I mean HATES me. He tried his damnest to ruin me. The spiritual battle between us was exhausting but necessary. Amazingly, awful things about him came to light and he was recognized for having committed an atrocity against a minor. Just recently, circumstances in his life caused him to move away – to Alaska. I feel such a relief- but I don’t believe that I will ever stop hoping that he find his peace because to be such a prisoner is a horrific circumstance.

    Thank you so much for your insight and affirmations. I will not be offended it you do not post this. Just having you read it is cool enough. Peace and Light be yours always.

    • Rob says:

      Thank you! I’ve had to deal with so much crap because of this one post over the past few years, it’s nice to know that every so often somebody gets something positive out of it :)

      If it helps any, I’ve found there are quite a few people out there, from all walks of life and religions, who know what vampires are and can understand what you went through. Most people are a bit reticent except among the right people because, um, vampires.

      And it’s good that you managed to fight it off yourself, or at least with the aid of certain saints and angels. I’ve met a lot of people who got out, but not on their own, and they tend to have PTSD from the event and live in constant fear that the vampire, or another like it, may come back into their life again. Knowing that you managed to fight off a vampire once, that you could do it again if you absolutely had to, brings with it some security and peace of mind.

      I’m sorry to hear that he went after your daughter, I’ve actually seen quite a few children who have been dragged into this. Thankfully in your case you were strong enough to save yourself and your daughter. You also exposed him for what he was and probably saved a few more people too.

  37. Xaakon says:

    After reading this, I ‘ve decided to burn my TOV card and ritually cut all bonds with vampirism . This was in my mind for some time. I was not thinking very clear as a teenager. Thanks for your informative blog.

    • Rob says:

      Best of luck with that. Vampirism is an easy route to power, but ultimately there’s a relatively low ceiling on that power. You can become far stronger utilizing your own energy, if that’s the path you want. If not, you’ve also just opened a hundred other paths for yourself with thousands of wonderful experiences that wouldn’t be available to you as a vampire.

      I have no idea how deep you were in. I know there’s a point where someone gets drawn in far enough that it’s no longer possible to save them, and it’s pointless to try. However each of us always has the power to save ourselves. It is our inalienable right to evolve, and grow, and decide upon our true spiritual path. So long as you want to change, you can, and you will.

  38. Xaakon says:

    Not very deep. Early on I discovered that I was not meant to be like that. Vampirism is the most awkward way to start a magickal path. There is a vast area of hidden knowledge & practise. Bloting yourself with energy without purpose in life it is a dead end.
    Most vampiric adepts are spiritualy & emotionaly weak anyways

  39. Lilieharmecy says:

    Are u guys serious??? Wow listen 2 urself! u guys r saying and claiming vampires exist, i mean c’mon get real!!! i mean seriously. Fantasies are dreams, and reality is life, okay? Geez, u guys r wierd

  40. Zeta says:


    You know, I actually did read all of the comments in this section before I commented, as per your addendum. It’s rather amazing the amount of hatred and slander you’ve managed to pack into one area of the web.

    Yes, ok, I get it, Vampires are horrible, evil people. Yes, we’re all out for a quick, easy route to personal power with no regard for life, love or anything positive.


    Lets go over this for a minute. We’ve got “the Temple of the Vampire” which definitely fits your stereotype. I’ve read through their materials, pretty much nothing good about the place. The advocate affiliation with the “Vampire Gods” (essentially symbiotic/parasitic entities) and have a pretty much cultist mindset. If your only contact with psychic vampires had been TOV members I can see how you’d have a pretty bad impression of them.

    Actually, thinking about it, their setup really does mirror, to a large extent, the setup from your supposed “Black Grimoire.”

    Next we’ve got the Temple of Set’s Order of the Vampire. Based on the Temple’s teachings (which advocate strong personal ethics rather than adherence to a predefined code of conduct for it’s own sake) the OotV uses the vampire aesthetic and “The Posture of Effortless Power” to influence social situations. Which isn’t much different than your stuff on Glamors, Projections and Lures.

    Speaking of Lures, amazing that you’ve got a stereotype of Vampires like this but you’re ok with using lures.

    Backwards onto the topic, however. Those are two small subsections of a much larger and more profound community. Most of the remaining community accepts the Black Veil (initially taken from White Wolf’s Masquerade game by Todd Hoyt, AKA Sebastian Todd, AKA Father Sebastian… who is NOT a vampire, by the way.) in it’s reworked version by Michelle Belanger.

    Oh yea, and about that community. We advocate personal responsibility, integrity, feeding from donors or ambient energy as opposed to attacking people, etc.

    But yes, you’re completely right, we’re all a bunch of unbalanced idiots and evil, self serving jerks. We have no ethics (Lures anyone?) and we all have a horrible, sinking energy that drives everyone away from us.

    If it seems like I’m attacking you, imagine how you’d feel if you ran across someone slandering your person, race, creed, belief structure, etc, simply based on a bunch of preconceived notions and bigotry. Oh, and a few bad experiences. Yes, because just as encountering three bad people from a race means they’re all bad, so too does encountering three bad vampires mean they’re all evil.

    And of course if you get angry with someone for slandering an entire class of people indiscriminately you’re obviously attacking them for no reason, right?

    You got some basic traits right, at least. Many vampires do have the capacity to work via dreamwalking and astral travel. Many also do not. I *suck* at dreamwalking for example (I’m working on it). I’ve never been able to astral travel. Most of my “travel” abilities are within the mental spheres.

    Do we tend to be over-protective? Yes. Actually, if you study a bit of psychology many, indeed most, abused children also exhibit over-protective/possessive tendencies because they are afraid to lose something precious to them. I mean, being a *human being* and all, fear of loss isn’t a factor. No, it’s the *vampirism* that does it.

    Wait, Sanguines are generally don’t have any magickal ability at all? Really? Cause most of them that I’ve met are better energy manipulators and magicians than most of the “magicians” and even psychic vampires I’ve met.

    Sure, vampirism is a quick path to power. Right… Except I didn’t choose to be what I am. Forgive me for not outright hating myself because of it. If I wanted a “path to power” that didn’t require a lot of work I wouldn’t be taking Jason Miller’s course (and actually doing the work from it).

    Further what in the name of the gods does a person’s intelligence level have to do with vampirism? “Most vampires aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.” You realize this is nothing but bigotry, right? If someone said “most Christians” or “most Blacks” it would be discrimination, right? I have an IQ test score between 135 and 142 on online tests and an official test places me at 136. So much for not being a sharp tool apparently.

    And apparently being a psychic vampire makes me a coward? Really? Amazing. I would’ve thought that, coming from an abusive home life, surviving to take care of my siblings and nearly getting killed to protect people I loved, I would’ve been considered to have a spine of some sort. *shrugs*

    And yea, I *was* bullied as a kid. That’s what being more interested in magick and religion than sex and cars will do for a person. Not that having pretty low self esteem didn’t help the bullying along, it did. I’m just starting to fully get over some of those things.

    Out of sheer curiosity, have you ever been bullied in your entire life? Ever been abused? Do you actually understand what, psychologically, goes on for a human being who lives in constant fear and misery throughout their childhood? Do you get that being a vampire doesn’t have a thing to do with the psychological scarring that would occur for such an individual?

    What’s sad is that, despite the fact that I’ve just made several good points (and you know it) you’re most likely going to ignore them all based on simple prejudice and find something to instead dismiss everything I’ve just said onto.

    But let it be shown that I’ve not attacked you yet (though admittedly I’m rather angry about my defense).

    I’m not going to either. I’m going to do something remarkably mature (especially for a vampire, apparently) and just *stop reading your blog*. That way I don’t have to encounter any slander, bigotry or bullshit and you don’t have to deal with someone who’s pissed off about it. Either way, no harm comes to you.

    • Rob says:

      You make a good point about the lures. Unfortunately I assumed by equating it as being the same as literally raping a person that most readers would be able to tell that it wasn’t something I approved of in anyway. It’s also one of the few magical acts, like vamparism, where if someone catches you doing it, they’ll generally look down on you for it.

      If you want to be able to identify a lure and defeat a lure, you have to be able to understand them and be able to cast them. You can also modify it for more ethical magic. I’m very open about freely giving out information regardless of how it might be used. I like an even playing field.

      As for Michelle Belenger I’ve read her book. It’s real information. She goes into some of the subtleties of energy manipulation and spiritual paths that only a practitioner would know. It’s also all very basic information. And a lot of her information is filled with half-truths and lies in order to cast vampires into a better light. I heard the same ideas for years from vampires before I ever heard of Belenger.

      You compare prejudice against vampires to racism. The difference is, and even in regards to prejudice against religions, vampires are entirely defined by a single specific act which they choose to do. It’s like being prejudiced against rapists, or spousal abusers, or murderers.

      And yes, you do choose to be a vampire. If you didn’t drain people of energy, you wouldn’t be a vampire. I can guarantee that either not draining people of energy wouldn’t kill you or you’ve never tried doing it.

      Are you going to be weaker if you don’t drain people, well yes. Your energy production is sort of like a muscle. The more strain you put on it, the more you produce. As you learn discipline over it, you also manage to make it produce energy in much larger quantities. People who routinely work magic, after a couple of years of practice, generally have relatively huge auras of energy surrounding them because of this. You however have been feeding for additional energy. So now, even if you have been working magic, instead of being able to produce large amounts of energy, you’re producing energy at a rate much smaller than the normal mundane person. You’ve developed a dependency.

      If you happen to have other things feeding off you (which is usually the case whether the vampire realizes it or not), you’re going to have even less energy.

      However none of these problems can be resolved through continued feeding. In fact the situation will only get worse.

      The solution is to stop feeding all together and work on improving yourself in other ways. After all, true power is internal, it comes from within, not from an external source. Having access to an external source of power doesn’t make you powerful. Besides the people who you can drain don’t have a fraction of the energy of the energy of an experienced adept.

      And I don’t really care about anyone’s horrible past. Regardless of what a person may go through, they still have a choice to be a good and ethical person or to be evil and immoral. What you’ve been through isn’t an excuse for your behavior. Ultimately you decide to do the right thing or to do the wrong thing.

      You also have a choice to be a sane and healthy person regardless of what you’ve been through. In fact a good deal of magic is centered around realizing the fact that you get to choose what you are and how you feel, that you have complete control of, if nothing else, at least yourself. We all have the choice to be and do whatever we want.

    • Fell says:

      My fundamental problem with this comes from one flawed ideology. That it is ok to drain living beings of their lifeforce, willing or not.

      Vampirism is fast and easy energy manipulation, but there are many other sources that can used instead of a living host. I do not see at as biased to say this is an evil act. Because it is something you choose to do, you are not forced to do this.

      If I were to give an addict drugs for a service it would be just as wrong and I would be manipulating their weakness to further my own ends.

      I do not use Dark Magick, although I am well aware of it. That includes anything that would manipulate the will of someone else.

      I was also not convinced by Lavey that his Satanism was indeed worship of self. If it was just worship of self as he claimed then why did his book include conjuration and invocation rituals to the seven princes of Hell?

      Sorry not fooled.

  41. David says:

    Well, this is enlightening to say the least. A friend of mine told me twenty years ago that I was a psychic vampire and was draining him of his energies. Which I in turn felt like it was a joke. A short time after I was “pretending” to drain people, this did have an effect on me and a sense of power. Well, here I am twenty years later and I know I can drain people, animals, and plants. I have moved a lot to avoid my “symbiotic partner in crime” a pure energy vampire that feeds off of me, which has recently reappeared and he has left a gapping hole to the other side in my bedroom. (Have both on video) It has been draining me, my son, and the wife, the pets like crazy to the point where I don’t want to go on. My son gets nose bleeds, and the wife now has a lump in her breast, and I get chest pains. It has forced me to be “social” to survive. Yesterday one of my neighbors had to go to bed after talking with me four minutes, but I knew I drained him. I’ve had to drain everything in a thirty foot radius to survive, even small creatures deep in the very earth itself. Only with recent events have I decided to look into this definition of myself and it explains everything that’s happening. I have never studied any form of magick or religion, all my energy channeling and shielding has been self taught. Hopefully I can regain control of this. As for my spirit, it is like a small torch of white fire that surrounded by a five mile wide swirling hurricane of pitch black clouds. My logic has been to drain the negative energies out of people I can take it with me to the other side. (P.S. have died three times before only to be saved by modern medicine.) Can anyone give me some advice on this or some assistance?

    • Rob says:

      Step 1: Stop draining living things. You have to do it, even if it kills you. You cannot help yourself until you stop doing that forever.

      When you were born your body and soul had the capabilities to produce more than enough energy to keep you healthy and alive. It’s like a muscle, and properly trained and conditioned it can produce thousands of times more energy than you need.

      You’ve done the exact opposite. You’ve stopped using this muscle and have instead drained from other people. Because of this your natural abilities are very weak. This means you have to drain in order to sustain yourself, but at the same time every time you drain you become even weaker.

      Your only hope is to stop draining completely so that you can redevelop that muscle to the point where you can sustain yourself.

      Step 2: Seek divine aid and assistance. I have a ritual about performing a divine communion. I suggest you use it. It should be easy enough for anyone capable of energy manipulation at a vampires level.

      Seek out any god you want. The gods don’t like vampires. Vampires are an abomination. They do however offer guidance and assistance. Divine energy (which BTW is a lot more powerful than the energy of living things) will help heal you and get rid of the vampiric parts. The gods can also advise you, better than I can, on how to fix yourself and keep your family safe.

      The gods will also help you fight this vampiric energy you associate with. If it tries to feed off of divine energy, it will hurt and maybe even destroy it. Active alters in your house may be enough to drive it away, and at the very least they will offer you some kind of sanctuary.

      Step 3: Attack. You’re going to have to eventually fight off this vampiric entity. You’ve been connected to it a long time, so it’s probably going to be very difficult to get rid of it. Some ideas:

      Feed it violent energy. When it tires to drain you, form the energy into something harmful with the intent of ripping it apart.

      Use a redirect. You can use a simple thought form to redirect the vampire to drain something else. You can even use a second thought form as a proxy so that the vampire will drain himself. Many vampiric entities are too stupid to realize they’ve been redirected, even when they are feeding off themselves.

      Vampires are extremely sensitive to vampiric attacks, the one type of attack you’ve become very good at. Drain the entity of energy, BUT DO NOT FOR ANY REASON FEED OFF THE ENERGY. Place the energy into a secondary object, like a crystal. A vampiric entity has no soul. When it runs out of energy, it ceases to exist.

      Likewise anything you can do to make the vampire waste energy to defend itself or attack you hurts it a lot. It has a finite amount of energy, and when it’s gone it ceases to exist.

      Lastly you can trap the vampire into something for a period of time. Since the vampire cannot feed the imprisonment will weaken it.

      Good luck.

  42. David says:

    I’ve been trying to run on my own energies (empty) and not drain things. I figure, nothing to come after it will go away. Of course it is harassing the neighbors now, but I think the wife is the main target now.

    As for draining, I rarely did this type of thing anyway; it was more like when I got a wild hair to do it for the rush. Last week I was totally running on “E” because of the thing in my house had drained me. So, I visited my friend, mainly to get out of the house. I told here about the possibility of me being a vamp. She is a spiritualist of the Turtle Clan Tribe and she was claiming to be drained by me just being there. Since that time she has shielded herself and claims that it is working, even though I wasn’t trying to do anything to my friend.

    Her neighbor interrupted the conversation and that is where I decided to tap him so I could carry on the not so believable conversation with my friend. Four minutes later he was off to bed. I told you about this in my first e-mail.

    To provide her a sample of what I was dealing with picked up a baseball out of here yard and shielded it with the energies I drained from the shadow.

    She replied to it as “cold, dark, and bluish.”

    I explained that I’ve been cocooning myself with this to camouflage myself

    I’m still trying to piece together the puzzled history in my apartment, if it is something I dragged here, or something that was here before, or both. I have been able to protect myself rather well in the past, but I think I’m being tag-teamed by two entities.

    I ran across this on-line and I do live in the military housing area where these guys would have also stayed. They claim to have brought some ghosts home with them.

    I here is the link to some video of the video I’ve captured of what is going on in the house.!/video/video.php?v=120948021288758

    Here is another topic you may have some insight too, as for the gods. I believe that energy always exists in one form or another, regardless of time. (Time is a measurement of man, everything has already been here since the beginning, and atoms don’t have an expiration date.) As for the power of the gods, (in theory) it depends on the energy drawn upon or provided from its followers. I’ve been sympathetic of the old forgotten ones that helped man work together with nature. I don’t know the name(s) of them, but they do seem bitter about being forgotten after all the help they provided for generations and the condition of the earth. The ones I’ve tuned into, one lies deep in the earth that sleeps until called upon and what seems to be the ones raging wars in the sky during storms. I’ve channeled energies to the earth one and yet the sky ones I just watch. The weird side effect is that every time I move there is an earthquake shortly after my move, even in areas that have never had one in a hundred years. Are there any clues here as to what magic I’ve tuned into?

    P.S. Thanks for the advice and I will keep you informed.

  43. Genesis says:

    David your name means “beloved.” I will pray for you and your family.

  44. Keith says:

    I think i might be under constant psionic attack prolly not vampirism not sure I really dont knw how to explain it its along stroy ben going on 7yrs telepathic harrassment maby i dunno….. the reason i am coming to psionic sites is i received a msg in a dream from some saying “I can’t protect you much longer” there was more but thats the thing that got me scared enough to come babble to strangers if some1 can help possibly email me at
    I know thats poorly described but frankly I dont know what to say i have very little meta physsical knowledge

    • Rob says:

      1. I understand people make spelling and grammar mistakes, people have learning disabilities, and a lot of people are not native English speakers. I make a lot of mistakes myself. I don’t want to discourage anyone from posting because they have a limited grasp of the English language. But in addition to all your mistakes, your message doesn’t have any punctuation and you’re abbreviating words with numbers. I mean you have to know that the word someone is not spelled some1. You’re not even trying to look like you took the time to write a clear and correct message, and so why should anyone take the time to help you?

      And remember there are a lot of young people who tend to be very naive and imaginative, there are crazy people, and there are people who are just playing pranks. On the Internet you’re pretty much defined by the text you write, and the more you come off as intelligent, mature, and sincere the better your chances of finding someone who will help you with this or even discuss metaphysical topics with you.

      So if you want to reply to this, or post anything else here, or anywhere else in the magical community for that matter, please take some time to put your thoughts in order and then write them as clearly as possible and try your best to follow the rules of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

      2. Why do you think you’ve been harassed for seven years? How have you been harassed? What has been happening to you? Who or what do you think is doing this? I really can’t tell what’s going on until I know how you’ve been attacked. You should probably go into detail about your long story.

      3. I doubt a person would attack you constantly for seven years. Even if you did piss them off, it’s just too long of a time frame. Most people would get bored and move on before seven years.

      Some spirits might hang around for seven years. If it happens once in a great while, there are lots of spirits that might do that. If it’s happening all the time though, there are only a handful of spirits that would keep at it for seven years, and after all this time they would be having a noticeable effect on you.

      4. Obviously you must have some reason for thinking this dream is more than just some random dream. So why do you think this dream means anything at all?

      Like I said though it’s going to be impossible for anyone to help you or give you good advice unless they have an idea of what’s actually going on with you.

  45. Dammerung says:

    What a conversation!

    I myself have utilized psi vamp skills in the past. Then I came to realize… there is a gigantic ball of chi just radiating prodigious amounts of energy, free for the taking. It’s called “the Sun” and you might have heard of it. Sure, it’s a different “flavor” of chi than you can drain from another human being. But a short visit to the Sun can freely give you way more energy than you can take skulking around in the dark.

    Not all vamps I’ve met are evil, but they’re manipulative and they like mind games for their own sake. Pretty much any attack from them can be thwarted just by noticing you’re under attack and dumping “yucky” tasting energy up-pipe.

    great blog, I’m really enjoying poring through the archives.

    • Rob says:


      The Sun is one big source of energy. Another one is the Earth. Most people when they’re first learning about energy are taught to ground excess energy into the Earth if they can’t handle it or to balance themselves out. If they keep doing that eventually they’ll get a backwash of Earth energy. And so a lot more people happen upon Earth energy than Sun energy early on and it gets used a lot more often.

      There are other sources to draw from too. I know a guy who keeps a large number of antiques, most with either a magical or dark history to them, and he draws energy off of them as needed.

  46. Rachelle says:

    I am 13 years old and I honestly don’t believe in any of this. I didn’t even know ‘real’ vampires exsisted until this summer when i went to visit my brother and his Fiance. He claims to be a . . . I forgot what its called the ones that like PHYICALLY take blood from ‘swan donors’ and his fiance who claims to be a ‘hybrid’ whatever the hell that is, and over random cigarette talk I mentioned something that had been happening to me lately that i didn’t understand. Its just that sometimes I have these memories of feelings like I can rememeber being terrified like in the situation where my life was in extreme danger, the kind of feeling like if i take a breathe or make a single sound or movement my life will honestly be over, but I have never been in that sort of situation I live a very average life. I get these memories of feelings I’ve never had quiet often and he has noticed I adapt the mood of people surrounding me VERY easily. I blamed it on Bipolar Disorder and that maybe I dreamed the feeling. Theres been MANY MANY MANY other things about myself he’s pointed out and he tried to explain it all to me. But to me I want to laugh at him thinking Vampires are fictional characters in bad romance novels. I found out later when I was telling my boyfriend about how ridiculous my brother was my boyfriend confided in me that he too was a vampire and life the same lifestyle as my brother but was terrified to tell me in fears I’d leave him. Its been bothering me as I try to find a rational solution to all of these ‘psi vampire’ symptoms I come up empty handed at times. I’m oonfused and if so many people here on the internet ask these same question then maybe all this is real ? You guys talk like you KNOW so can someone please explain all this to me ? I don’t hurt people do I ? Also I’m not sleeping anymore. I can’t. My eyes are turning purple from my lack of sleep. I’m Exhausted all the time. I’m getting sick. My brother says I’m not ‘feeding’ enough. All the doctors said I just need a goodnights sleep and I’ll be fine. :(

    Sorry for the horrible grammar and spelling. I’m only 13 and flunking out of the 8th grade.

    • Rob says:

      Okay, you have a few different problems so let’s talk about each one separately and see if we can work through each one. I’m going to try to explain everything to you as best as I can, but if there’s something you don’t understand just ask and I’ll try to explain it to you better.

      First off, and most importantly, you are not a psi vampire. People are not born that way. Psi vampires are defined by a single action they knowingly do. Unless you’re intentionally feeding off of other people’s energy psionically, you’re not a psi vampire.

      I understand why your brother believes you’re a vampire. It’s because the part of the spiritual community he hangs around with, the vampire part, sees any kind of spiritual or psychic ability as a sign that someone is a vampire. Some of it is wishful thinking, and some if it is that vampires aren’t very knowledgeable about these things.

      I don’t want to offend you, but the vampire community isn’t made up of the sharpest folks out there. I actually have an idea of what your brother’s like based on your description of him. I’ve seen a lot of people like him in the community. More often than not it’s a phase people go through, and he’ll hopefully grow out of it in a few years. In the meantime though I would suggest not taking spiritual advice from him. He knows very little about this stuff, and the friends and elders he listens to probably know even less. My guess would be that you’re actually more intelligent and knowledgeable in regards to spirituality than your brother is, not to mention you know better than anyone what’s best for you. So I would take your own advise over his.

      If you feel like your brother or his girlfriend might be feeding off of you, or if they’re making you uncomfortable in any way, you should talk about this with your parents or whoever it is that takes care of you, telling them specifically that he’s drinking blood and it makes you uncomfortable. You’re too young to be having to deal with this, and your parents would probably agree with me on this, and your brother should know better than to include you in that part of his life because of how young you are.

      On to your boyfriend. If he is craving or drinking blood, human or animal, you should try to convince him to talk to a medical doctor about it. It can be a psychological problem, but usually a craving for blood is a symptom of a deficiency. Often it can be cured by as little as a change in diet or taking the proper vitamin pill. Worst case scenario it is a psychological problem in which case he’ll at least get the psychological help he needs.

      Everything else you described to me about yourself is perfectly normal. I went through it at your age and a lot of people reading this site went through it at your age too. Memories you don’t understand for instance could be a sign of a past life regression.

      You’re changing people’s moods to your own because you’re creating excessive amounts of energy. People who have this problem usually start to have it around your age. Left to its own it’ll get worse over the next few years and then stay about the same after that. Eventually you’re going to have to learn to control it. Once you learn to control it you can do a lot of neat tricks with it though, and it becomes a lot easier to handle.

      Everybody produces some energy, and because of that everybody is going to change other people’s moods a little bit. It’s normal and it’s natural. You do it to a greater extent because you produce more energy. Again this is normal and natural and it’s not even your fault, you can’t control it yet. It’s not going to hurt anybody. Don’t worry about that and don’t worry about them, worry about how it effects you and how you’re going to make it manageable for yourself.

      Because of the extra energy you’re going to seem bipolar. Your emotions are going to be a lot more intense and a lot more difficult to deal with, and so you’ll be prone to states of mania and depression. Not to mention that teenagers are typically unbalanced and prone to states of mania and depression just because they’re teenagers. This makes it worse. Also it’s probably at least a factor in your insomnia.

      By the way, if you have these issues because of an excessive amount of energy in you, logically feeding off of other people to get even more energy seems like the exact opposite of what’s going to help you.

      To help yourself I’d suggest starting with learning meditation and practicing it daily. Even if you don’t believe all of the spiritual crap I’ve been telling you, there is some scientific evidence to back up the benefits of meditation. It’ll give you more mental clarity and focus, better emotional control, it will make you calmer, make you smarter, and even you out some. In the long run it’s also going to help you sleep and deal with the insomnia.

      If you want to learn more, spiritually, after you start to get meditation down you might want to look into energy manipulation; how to sense, control, and change energy. Simple exercises like pushing energy in and out of stones can help a lot in learning how energy works and how you can control it.

      There are hundreds of other branches of magic and metaphysics out there and once you have some basic skills in meditation and energy manipulation you’ll be more than equipped to explore anything that might interest you.

      I think you have some very strong spiritual gifts and quite a bit of potential, and if you ultimately choose to make it your path you may end up a very powerful and special person in the future. What you’re going through now is perfectly normal, a lot of people go through it, and it is difficult but you can get through it. I know for a fact you are not a vampire, at least not yet. I know what their energy feels like and I can read energy off of a blog comment, and you don’t have that energy. It’s possible I’m crazy and my energy reading of you is meaningless, but if that’s the case then there’s no such thing as vampires. So don’t worry yourself about being a vampire, because either way you’re not. Right now just concern yourself with what you need to do to get some sleep, because it sounds like you really need it and you’ll feel a lot better once you get it.

      • Diane says:

        you are the most biased, stereotyping person I have ever read about… this is ridiculous. I’m sure you’ll delete this because of how close-minded you are but I hope that no one takes what you say without a grain of salt. learn to open your eyes one day.

        • Rob says:

          Whatever you think of me, I’m right about this. I live in a place that has a lot of vampires, and I’ve dealt with more than you’ll probably ever meet. And yes I have talked to them. I also understand energy and what they do, and can mimic it. I understand it much better than you based on your limited perspective of it. I can also see through glamours and other types of manipulation magic.

          And you know what? Most people who have met vampires agree with me. People of all religions and backgrounds. As do the old folk tales. As do the old Ceremonial authors like Crowley and Fortune. It seems as if everyone except a small minority which includes yourself, vampires, and others who may have been deceived or tricked in some way agree with me. It’s rare that everyone except a small handful of people, including just about every unbiased expert, is wrong about something. If that isn’t enough to make you at least reconsider your position, you’re either incredibly stupid or under the influence of magic you aren’t strong enough to combat.

          I’m not saying any of this to brag or give my position some credibility. I’m saying this so hopefully you’ll take a moment to examine your own situation. If you’re smart you’ll walk away from your friend and never look back, because I can tell you that relationship won’t end well for you. In any case you’re not welcome here so stop posting on my blog.

  47. Rachelle says:

    Okay that was really helpful and the whole I should tell my parents thing, Well . . . they’re the ones who told ME. They are apart of it too and last night I was on phone with that brother after posting that and he said there is actually ALOT if these ‘vampire’ people in my family. I’m sorry if i phrase it rudely i have no intention to offend it’s just that its all very . . .fictionbooky to me. That boyfriend I spoke of I broke up with shortly after that summer because he started talking about some REAL way to be introduced or ‘awakened’ to the vampire community and according to my ex he wanted to do it himself. that creeped me out and made him utterly disgusting to me. my brother honestly believes himself about these things i can tell. You said it was a phase. He is 22 years old and goes to a secret once a month Sanguinarian (spelling?) meet. He told me that some guy approached him in middleschool and it started then. My mom told me he used to cut himself and let his little goth friends drink from him.

    How do i do this meditation thing ? I don’t understand that.

    And yeah my step-mom and everyone else i know tell me they think i have bipolar disorder badd. I do feel better though knowing alot of people go through it and its kinda normal (:

    P.S. My brother says he has a ‘dark gift’ WTF?

    • Amonjin says:

      I’m having trouble believing this thread…I gave it the benefit of the doubt with the first post but round two has a funky taste.

      For what it’s worth…

    • Rob says:

      The whole, “I’m of the darkness…no one understands me…I’m so dark…people should fear me…blah blah blah” phase. Granted not everyone grows out of that phase, but most do. If they make it into their forties and their still like that, it’s really sad.

      There is no good reason for an adult to approach a middle school student about joining a group. You’re too young to be around adult practitioners and adult groups. The only adult run groups that should be allowing you to attend before you’re eighteen are family groups with a large number of members who are minors and where all or most of the adult members are parents. And even then they should only allow you to attend if you come with a parent.

      It’s not just about maturity, but there are also a lot of legal and safety issues with allowing minors into a group, not to mention a lot of people feel uncomfortable discussing or practicing certain spiritual topics with minors present, and it isn’t fair to them to include minors in a group unless it is part of the group’s focus.

      Because of this any group that would have you isn’t worth joining. Not only is it unsafe for you, but the group is going to consist of the dregs and fringe members of the community, and their spiritual knowledge is going to be very limited, if they have any at all. Groups like this that allow or even target young members do so either because they hope to take advantage of them in some way or because older practitioners who are a little bit more experienced won’t take them seriously.

      As for meditation, there are lots of information, methods, and techniques available even online. To start you probably want a quiet and dark room. Some people prefer white noise or specific music, some like incense, and some even prefer to do this outdoors. It really depends on the person. Next sit or lay down and relax yourself. Being in certain yoga positions actually makes meditation easier, but only if you’re able to do it without any pain or discomfort.

      After you’ve relaxed a bit try and clear your mind completely as you sit there. You can then start to let your mind fill up with ideas, but you don’t want to actually think. You’re just letting ideas and thoughts come into your mind. It’s a passive experience. At the same time you’re just watching what’s happening and exploring this. With a little practice you can start putting questions into your mind to direct the exploration, but it’s still largely a passive experience. After doing it enough times you should eventually hit trance, which is a different mental state where you’ll have a lot more focus, clarity, and even intelligence.

  48. Synergist says:

    I have met a person who has manipulated me, tried to, ans still tries to, hurt the ones I love, and treats me like his property and still tries to keep a connection with me, and I feel terribly drained and helpless whenever I even do so much as think of him, or see something that reminds me of his existence. I thought it was just something some possessive evil ex’s do. Does that qualify for being a psionic vampire?

    • Rob says:

      Does anything you said qualify your ex as a psionic vampire? No. Could he possibly be a psionic vampire? Yes.

      We have to be careful not to label completely mundane occurrences as metaphysical. Your ex is definitely a bad person, and he may share some of a vampire’s possessive qualities, but that doesn’t mean he’s definitely a vampire. Vampires are, after all, defined by a single action that they perform by choice. If he’s draining people, he’s a vampire. If not, he’s not.

      First off, it would be odd for you to be in a long term relationship with a vampire and never have him identify himself as such to you, or tell you that he is psionically draining people. With people I have met who have had these kinds of relationships with vampires, or even just close friendships, the vampire will almost always admit to what they are early in the relationship, and then they manipulate the person into believing this isn’t a bad thing or that they are not a bad person because of it. As the manipulation increases they tend to become more and more open about things, often times confessing to crimes they committed or crimes they are intending to commit.

      Secondly an attack from a real psionic vampire is fairly specific. It hits very strongly in the center of the chest and pulls out a large amount of energy. There is a second kind of attack, and you often see this with posers or people just becoming interested in vampirism. This is a pull of energy emanating from oneself from outside the body. This is easier to do and the draining effect is less intense.

      If you want to take some spiritual protections against vampires just to be safe, that isn’t going to hurt you. Regardless of whether this guy is a vampire or just a possessive asshole, for the most part you’ll want to treat the situation in the same way and remove the person from your life. This may mean changing where you work, where you live, where you hang out, and your phone number. Also if you do have things that remind you of him, you’re probably better off destroying them.

      You also want to involve the police whenever possible. Make it clear that you don’t want him around and you don’t want to see him. Then if he comes to your home or work, or any private property at all, call the police and have them remove him. Not only do you not have to deal with him directly and put yourself in danger, but there is a record of police involvement now, which makes it easier to get a restraining order. If he ever breaks a restraining order, call the police.

      Whatever the case may be, the best thing for you is to have this person completely out of your life so that you can begin healing yourself of the negative relationship, and you should use every tool at your disposal to do so, including the mundane tools that society provides.

  49. Molly says:

    How does a psionic vampire become what it is? I’m guessing that you can’t just go out there ay day and be like “I’m a psionic vampire!” Do you have to be someone special or have some sort of abilities to become a psionic vampire? Because if that is the case, are pyscics and people like that psionic vampires?

    • Rob says:

      Psionic vampires are defined by what they do, not what they are, and what they do is forcefully drain energy from other sentient things, usually humans. Technically anyone who is draining other people would be considered a psionic vampire.

      An energy drain is not a very difficult trick either. Anyone who is capable of doing some basic energy manipulation should be able to figure out how to do it. Most real psychics, those that aren’t frauds, are capable of draining people, but most don’t. The one place where this does sometimes happen is with certain types of seances. It doesn’t happen with every type of seance, and depending on the actual terms of the ritual it may be argumentative whether what is happening is forced and actually vampirism.

      Most psionic vampires are found and trained by vampiric spirits, or possible found by other vampires that then bring them into contact with these spirits. These spirits feed off the vampire, and this creates an initial need to feed off of others. Usually by the time a person not in contact with one of these is strong enough and knowledgeable enough to perform an energy drain they’ve already figured out that they don’t need to, and it’s in their best interest not to

  50. Thomas says:

    okay, rob or any other confirmed vampire, please come forth and give me a list of ways to tell if you are a vampire. perhaps i am when i started feeling energy around me so to speak it was cool a few months later and then i started making psy-balls and thought forms and servitors and other stuff but with my own then i started sucking in energy by breathing it in, hard to explain then i realised i can take energy from other people and i have did it but i find i have more than enough energy for any task i set myself.

    1) how to tell if you are a vampire

    2) how to cloak myself from any entity’s feeding off of me

    3) any other advice without any biased morals and ethics i just need information to get rid of the shit feeding off of me so that i can and wont have to feed off other people.

    • Rob says:

      When did I confirm that I was a vampire?

      1. If you engage in vampiric acts, ie taking energy from living beings or spirits through coercion or force and putting it into yourself, then you are a vampire. If you aren’t doing those things, then you aren’t a vampire. Vampirism is a conscious act. People don’t just do it without knowing they’re doing it, they make an effort to do it. It’s possible to accidentally vamp someone, but it’s very rare. People aren’t accidentally vamping others all the time.

      2. Invisibility spells and energy cloaking would be the way to go. You’d probably need to do both to be safest. The former is usually difficult for people who don’t have a natural knack for it. The later is a bit easier to learn if you’re good with energy, but it still doesn’t fit everyone.

      3. The best way to deal with a troublesome vampiric spirit is to be proactive. Attack it. Make it hurt, kill it if necessary. If you’re actively fighting back early on, more intelligent (and thus powerful) vampiric spirits will usually go and find easier prey than waste energy trying to break you. Once they’ve expended a good deal of energy on you and have formed a relationship, it’s usually harder to get them to leave, because they don’t want to invest in a new host, but it’s not impossible. In a worst case scenario, just kill it. When a vampiric spirit runs out of energy, it ceases to exist.

  51. Sang says:

    Rob, I hope you meet a greater variety of psi vamps out there and can give a more varied amount of information (and hopefully less unpleasant info too since you seem to have been in some bad situations) from your own personal experience in the future. I’m quite interested in others personal experiences since I see so many going on about theoretical ideologys about vamps more often than not (which generally means they have no idea of what they are harping on about.)

    All the vamps I’ve seen are either damaged, posers or energy junkies looking for a fix, nothing innate or natural about it….then again, I suppose thats what psi “vampires” are nowdays.

    Totally off topic, but I cant help but wonder what happened to the real vamps with common sense and who are actually capable of having a naturally clean bill of energetic/physical/mental health because their survival strategies are natural….

    I guess they all became alergic to the psi-vampires toxicity. haha.

    (I don’t call myself a psi-vamp though I depend on external sources completely and utilise dreamwalking, astral projection….etc to fullfill my needs. Im also a healer.)

  52. tron says:

    rob is a psi vampire because this discusion is draining >_> causing everyone to stress out…

  53. Smuppets says:

    Umm… Well, I get what you’re trying to say, but not all psi vampires are evil. To be honest, I didn’t know I was one until one of my friends told be, and she’s an expert at this stuff, but I shall not say who she is or what she is for her safety. Some psi vampires can’t help but take energy, it’s sometimes subconsciously. Plus, it doesn’t hurt people, unless they want it to, and the reason why they feed energy is because, unlike people, they are unable to produce as much energy as others do.No, I am not saying that it’s okay to get energy without the other person’s consent. My boyfriend lets me feed on him, because he knows that I need it because, to be honest, I am very weak when I am alone, and emotional unstable. I guess most of the people think I am unholy and evil, if they hear I am a “vampire” and believe in it, but I am quite religious, and I support equality. I know you have had a bad experience with psi vampires, but I just want you know, though I guess you do already, that not all are like that, some of them are really nice, vampire maybe leeches, but isn’t everyone a leech in away? I’m sorry if I disagreeing with you angers you, but I just wanted to share my opinion as well.

  54. Fell says:

    A “Leech” is often unaware of what they are, they are psychic gifted with various talents and often subconsciously drain “chi” or “prana” from those around them. For anyone unaware of those terms it is simply the spiritual energy inside you, your lifeforce.

    With magick training a Leech can become a Vampire. Natural Leech’s make the most powerful vampires as they are born with the gift. Trained Vampire’s can become very dangerous. Most start out by needing touch and will be able to syphon the most lifeforce through touch. As they become stronger they can syphon lifeforce via thought alone. And once a connection is formed they can be very far and drain you. They will usually seek a form of communication, whether it be phone or email. Although they can drain via astral travel they often don’t enjoy this. They like the emotions that come from draining someone, they enjoy working you up. The more emotions they evoke from you the more energy they can drain.

    They are almost always sociopaths with no moral compass, they often wont do things illegal for fear of getting caught but will happily if they think there is little risk involved.

    Before you become fooled into thinking there are good “Vampires” out there, understand this. Magick or Psychic abilities require a source, an energy to fuel them. You can use your own but you will drain yourself quickly doing so. To perform regular feats you need a steady supply from somewhere else. Elemental energy or living prana from plants would provide a source suitable to act as a battery. Lifeforce from living creatures is easier to harness and more potent. Someone who chooses to use living energy rather then elemental energy is morally devoid on some level. The very act of deciding to take from humans is ‘Evil” in itself when there are many other sources available to use.

    An LBRP known as the Lessor Banishing Ritual of the pentagram will instantly sever the connection to a Vamp and give you a few hours of immunity from their attempts. To those untrained in the ritual it requires a few times to get right and initially requires components to perform. As you become better at it can be performed in moments by visualizing the ritual without the need for any physical components

    A Rose quartz ritual will stop them from narrowing down on you and finding you for a connection, when used in conjunction with an LBRP. Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig is an excellent book for dealing with Psychic Vampires for novices and has an entire section devoted to dealing with them.

    Vampires are not all unpleasant to be around. Quite the contrary, they often have close symbiotic lifelong connections to people they use. Some can be quite charismatic, many actually have psychic gifts that draw people in. They can emanate a very alluring aura of sexual appeal and some can be quite beautiful in appearance. Even when not stunningly attractive, they often have some quality that draws others in, especially the opposite sex. They are often anti social on some level, unaware of social norms and prone to say inappropriate things with little regard for those listening. Most are great mimics of emotion and feign feelings well, but any in-depth questioning quickly reveals they have no moral ethics whatsoever. There idea of doing something wrong is being caught and even when are caught they will show no regret or guilt and give excuses for how it wasn’t their fault.They will often resent being questioned or evaluated on any deep level and will try to turn the conversation back to you often using insults to provoke an emotional response and turn the attention back on you.

    They are driven by there wants and desires on a very animalistic level, seeking energy like a drug. And although there lives are devoid of any true intimate or deep connection with anyone , they often cannot stand being alone for any extended period of time. That’s not to say they cannot love they can but their version of love is more based on want and need then giving and sacrifice.
    While they will seek to possess you and demand loyalty they themselves will resent you for expecting the same. They are excellent at praying on others kindness and compassion, what I call their bird with the broken wing routine. But deny them something they want and you will quickly lift the façade of there masquerade.

    Often those who wish to discuss or talk about it are posers with little knowledge or ability of how to use Vampirism. But there are a few megalomaniac’s that try to establish a following. Anton Lavey, and Aleister Crowley are two famous examples of this. Developing dark magical cults under the guise of self empowerment.

    They are something better left avoided at all costs, and sworn away with stern resolute fortitude.

  55. Prudence says:

    While when it comes to energy vampires as a whole, I don’t actually know a lot, but I do know, that where I live a psionic vampire is “classed” differently from a psychic vampire. While I haven’t found much online to dispute, nor agree with me on this point, in local circles a psychic vampire differs from a psionic vamp in the method of feeding, and what precisely they feed on, and how they come into being.

    A psionic vampire is generally considered to be much more dangerous here, as they feed more directly from what local circles call your “essential spark”, that is, the actual electrical impulses that flow through your body, or as in one, rather extreme circle, supposedly your soul. A psychic vampire is supposed to feed from your outer energy, your aura, and the energies that emanate from you. They are supposed to lack the power to feed from your deeper energies, and supposed to be lesser as a whole, and easier to ward off. Psionic vampires also, are born psionic vampires, whereas psychic vampires can become such over the course of their life.

    As I was doing the research on it, I ran across this article, which classes them together as though they are the same thing, so I thought I would comment and see if the local superstition is shot down or if others have any kind of knowledge similar to this on the subject, or perhaps more information. all information is good information, and helps to protect yourself.<3


  56. I am here to hopefully show that not all us Vampyers are like this. I am an Eclectic Pagan Luciferian Hybrid Vampyer Black Witch. I was awakened to my connection as a Witch many long years before ever realizing my vampyrism. I have always held strong beliefs of respect of someones space and energy. I became aware of other pagans stealing my energy. I did not like this and found a path of using magick to protect myself and those I love. Many years later I became awaken that I am a vampyer. I now about 7 years later I know that I am a hybrid and have been spending the last 4 years learning many many different ways to get what I need. One being feeding from storms and elements. I have been a witch for 16 years and have acquired the ability to block off my feeding and only feed from willing donors. I am Tresonia Draconis Hybrid Vampyre and I have more respect for other living beings than many most. I too have had my experiences with the selfish non caring attitude that you have seen in many vamps. I hope that by posting this those that think so lowly of us Vampyers will find me on facebook at Lucafina Draconis and get to know me before committing to such a perception of us.

  57. I have accepted receiving emails if any more comments are made here. So please if anyone has any questions for me feel free to ask. I will answer best I can.

  58. dawn morris says:

    I know this is a old post but I’ve had dealins with psionic vampires. they do tend to get under ones skin. rob is right on the money of what’s he’s talking about i couldn’t of said it any better. , those ppl to me try &come off. as bein nice at first ,but watch out. if I’ve read this before hand ,i wouldn’t gave them the time of day to save myself the time. i know about the icky feelin I’ve felt it too but really at the time didn’t know. I’ve noticed to they love for ppl to say. I’m sorry. but. its best to stay aeay from such. i try &help ppl but some ppl can be to far gone. its sad ppl hav to be like this. I’ve fought them too they tend to get under ones skin. I’m usually a happy go lucky. person but with a last nerve. I’ve lashed out at them. but its best not to let one get the best of u. or u will be drained. thanks rob for informing. ppl. warn them. they are not very nice. to be friends with. keep up the good work. well done said.

  59. paradix says:

    You must ahow them whos boss no fucking around they will kill you harm you harm and feed of your familiy they are ruthless sons of a bitches yiou must fight fire whit fire no.messing around i dionrt recomend fight fire whit fire but in this scenario you must they willvdrain you in astral realm trough links trough dreams if you put shield tgey leech all that defense spells tgey leech they are really witty people if they want to drain you drain those motherfuckers back beciome bettervebergy vampure tgen they are ever been its spiritual warfare good versus evilvthe weak versus strong

  60. paradix says:

    They are evil to the core sone qre naturaly born whit vanpiric pirit and as such tgey are classifaied as demons they are nothing but evil evil evil al they wanna power and free energy like hunan host

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