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For some reason I assumed this blog had my email address listed so readers could email me privately. I just found out it doesn’t. Well, that’s fixed now. If someone wants to make a private comment to me, they have my email addy. And as always feel free to use the public comment space to comment on my posts or argue with me or whatever.

8 Responses to Missing Contact Information

  1. Rich G. says:

    Make with the Khabalistic meditations posts, and make the posts fat with links, downloadable mp3 files, and sweet sweet itunes-able podcast suggestions so I can go from ankle deep in it to up to my ears in paths, asociations, rote memorization of attributions with hebrew letters, tarot cards, egyptian gods, star trek: the next generation characters, alice in wonderland characters, jungian archtypes, and whatever else they stir into the soup.

    In all seriousness though, I _am_ looking for something along those lines in an audio type format if you have any suggestions. Lotta driving in my job, and lots of time to listen to that sort of thing and it’d be way effective don’t you think? Qabala (Yeah, spelling it two different ways on purpose but I’m western, not eastern so I’m more the K than the Q) is like a second language, and immersion = a good thing, IMO.

    See you around.

  2. Rob says:

    I know Ann Davis and Isreal Regardie both did work on cassette tapes, but I haven’t heard any of it so I don’t know how good it is. Generally I stay away from magick cassette tapes and video tapes. You can capture rituals that way, and sometimes words are enough to do things (words like enochian ones especially). You can end up unwittingly summoning forth stuff or doing bad things to yourself. There are even dangers in just reading things in your head, since you can connect into the energy that’s behind it and the source of the information. Things can become aware of you like that.

  3. motsie says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more about the danger of casually tossing Enochian words of power around. I’m afraid that the cat is out of the bag on enochian and it isused by all sorts of mixed mages to juice up their rituals.

    Nothing really replaces study and structure in following a magical path.

  4. Rob says:


    I don’t think the enochian cat was ever in the bag :) Enochian words are easy enough to get ahold of via channeling or talking to other entities that even if one was never written down, they’d still be used. There are also other systems that aren’t enochian, but are very similiar and just as dangerous.

    The real problem in my eyes isn’t with the words being readily available, but with the people who do know better trying to hide the information. No one wants to talk about the lives and reputations of Dee and Kelly; the former lacked the common sense of a small dog and I can’t tell if the later was working towards some ulterior purpose or if he was just stupid. No one wants to talk about Paul Foster Case’s theories on the Enochian language. No one wants to talk about the recent information and theories that have been developed by satanic offshoots and lovcraftian followers.

    In a futile effort to try to hide the enochian language completely for fear that if a person knew about it and the power that was behind it they’d seek it out, they’ve left a bunch of seekers ignorrant of what the language really is when they do come across it. And Enochian magick has become so popular that a person will more than likely come across it at some point, and information can easily be aquired through the web or any bookstore. However almost all of the information out there now is in favor of using the enochian language.

  5. motsie says:

    Rob, I guess my problem is with the greater availability of ALL craft knowledge. The revival of Paganism has fostered an army of intiates who play at craft. While they all claim to be drawn to the Light (picture moths), their interest usually is just in learning low magic for low purposes which appeals to their imbalanced nature. While I am apparently to odd to fit in a lodge structure, I believe that that path is good for most humans. They are worker bees after all.

    Without structure, magical study leaves a swath of casualties. While I am not a font of sympathy for strangers, I am compelled to object to introducing relatively happy normals to the World of the Unseen (insert wolf howl here).

    My spouse believes the resurgence of lay traditions is the result of larger numbers of new souls incarnating during this eon.

    Also, people don’t realize how fast a situation can turn bad. I kind of liked the idea that magick was too unscientific for the culture to take seriously.

  6. Rob says:

    Most don’t understand what the light is. It can be violent and cruel and merciless and destructive. The whole peace and harmony thing is actually part of the darkness. This is basic kabbalistic theory.

    From what I understand high magick typically refers to ceremonial and ritual magick, where as low magick refers moreso to spellwork and psionic magick. I don’t think that’s what you mean by the term low magick though.

    If some bit of knowledge is used to enact some small vengence or cast some love spell I’m not really that concerned. They’re petty magicks that are easily defended against. And it’s pointless to hide the stuff because the universe doesn’t. Anything that a person really wants to know they can find, because it’s all out there somewhere.

    As for the swath of casualties, I’m pretty sure magickal study is supposed to do that. If a person isn’t yet a casualty, they haven’t been studying hard enough :) Following a magickal path is dangerous and it involves facing up to yourself and destroying yourself to some degree. Structure or no structure, when you really start using magick, you start getting yourself into trouble. And experience is the best teacher. By surviving something you learn how to survive it. And many times we walk away with scars and the lesson is similar to touching a flame with your hand.

    Most of the neopagan army won’t be here in a few years. Most of them will be Christians by then. They’re playing some fantasy or trying to have christianity without the christ. One of the first tests a magician is given is when they have to deal with something that is real and horrible. Most will run to the saftey of the church after that kind of experience. Some will become super-fluffy pagans and shun knowledge and magick. Some won’t survive it. But the true magician will continue on their path afterwards.

    I don’t much care for most of the lodges and groups that are out there either, but I’m not going to get into that because I don’t think it really belongs on this blog.

  7. Rich G. says:

    light schmight… I just want somebody to talk symbols, attributions, and historical contexts of the paths and meantings while I’m driving so I can get it all fixed in my head without trying to read a flash card while I talk on the phone, eat a cheese burger, roll down the window to fling a flying finger at anybody that cuts me off, and fish for my other cell phone to text message somebody lol.

  8. Rob says:

    Like I said, Davis and Regardie are the only ones I know of to have magickal books on tape. Davis might actually have what you’re looking for since she succeeded her teacher Case as the head of BOTA, and Case frequently wrote about such things in his introductory BOTA texts.

    That reminds me, I was putting together the kabbalistic attributions of the Looney Tunes a while back. I need to finish doing that.

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