Shielding, Part I

It’s now become typical that shielding is one of the first things taught to new practitioners. Shields can be used to defend against attacks, to keep harmful energy away from the practitioner, and to keep harmful entities from getting to the practitioner. It seems as if there’s nothing shields can’t do.

Shielding is also one of the easiest forms of psionic magick to learn. In fact, humans tend to shield themselves naturally, and it’s very rare to find a person who naturally has no shields. We use shields to stop people from attaching to us emotionally, and to stop ourselves from attaching to people emotionally. We use shields to protect ourselves from the negative emotions being cast out by others. And we use shields to hide our true thoughts and emotions from those around us.

As great as shields are, they cause to problems. First off, the protection granted by the shield is only an illusion. There is no such thing as animpenatrable shield. Any shield can be penatrated , as can any barrier or ward. The practitioner who has not developed adequate offensive skills because they believed their shield would be enough to protect them will be at a major disadvantage when their shield goes down, or when it ends up being used against them.

The second problem with a shield is that it limits the practitioner. Sometimes a practitioner needs to feel out the energy around them, attach into the things around them,ect. A shield can make it impossible for a practitioner to perform very basic psionic magick . And the better the shield is, the more difficult it will be for the practitioner. The shield is the illusion of the barricade. What seems to be a protect the practitioner from everything outside is actually a prison from it.

Power lies within versatility. A practitioner who can put up and take down their shield at will is far more powerful than one who cannot take down their shield. Learning how to take down one’s shield is actually the difficult part. Once that is figured out, a person can usually figure out how to put the shield back up without much effort, and take it down again whenever it pleases them to do so.

Moreso, putting up and taking down a shield is such a basic act that any competent practitioner should know how to do both. How to take down one’s shield should be one of the very first things that is learned.

3 Responses to Shielding, Part I

  1. Rasputin says:

    What you put in is what you get out. It shows underneath also to the newcomer of Psionics and magick how to focus the mind. Many of those who practice the art with psioncs need not the use of tools when it all can be done with thought and what the sheild can be transformed into. It’s all rather interesting.

  2. Rich G. says:

    I’m glad to see you’ve joined the blogosphere Rob, and I’ve added a link to your site on my blog.

    Glad you joined up… now I’ve got some reading to do it looks like. :)

  3. rusty says:

    (i apologize for any ignorance conveyed in this post)

    this is such useful information to me… about taking shields down, how an active shield inhibits sensing energies around us, and the reverse bramble shield… i never thought of something like that. thank you.

    i will experiment more w/ no shield, and with quickly and easily removing shield… i almost habitually create a small one around myself when moving through public places, to feel insulated from all the thoughts and energies of everyone else… i wonder what your thoughts are on using shields for comfort like that.

    also, as someone very interested in magical combat…

    you speak of developing adequate offensive skills, and defense skills other than just shielding. i have read a bit about binding on your blog and guess this can be used as pre-emptive defense since you are limiting your attackers power or energy they can draw from. what other kinds of defensive skills do you recommend, if you’d be so kind as to recommend some, other than shielding?

    as for offensive, do you have any favorites? i am particularly interested in offensive combat projectiles and how these work. are they just beams of energy directed from the caster towards the target? I really have limited knowledge of how these work, other than I think using some form of them to unplug the toilet (lol).

    physical attacks seem very effective… by that i mean gun/knife/bow/etc. If my life was threatened in the physical I would be keen on handling it in the physical (at least at my current level of awareness/aptitude, and potentially forever). but there may be times i am unarmed and my attacker is at range and an energy attack could prove effective, or there may be times where the subtle manipulation of energy is an option where actions in the physical world would seem inappropriate. i guess i have a lot of figuring-out to do, in terms of where when and how these applications of magic would be practical.

    would something like killing mosquitos on the other side of a mosquito net, without physically touching them, be possible?

    you once wrote that attacking w/ pain & fear is a basic psionic attack (i think). what about something with a little more force and impact?

    for that matter what about channeling and summoning, can these be used to expand your magical combat repertoire? in a sense that, can you channel books created for magical education purposes? can you summon entities who may educate? i understand this may be risky, especially for someone inexperienced in these areas such as i am.

    just wanting to learn what i can
    thanks for sharing
    and sorry for the limitations of words

    is there a way to channel from your posts the actual energies, to feel them firsthand? thanks again x2.

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