Mission Statement

Currently there isn’t much useful information about magick available online. The best websites are the ones that reprint books and articles so old they’ve fallen into the public domain. Among current practitioners, most aren’t. Most online magicians, and sadly most real life ones too, have very little practical experience, and most of the information out there is purely theoretical. A lot of people in the community have become very good at parroting information that appears in other sources, sometimes claiming it as their own, sometimes citing it as if the age or name attached to the original gives it some extra validity. Often they don’t even understand the information they’re repeating.

Part of the problem with the current community are the magickal religions like Wicca and Druidism. Magickal truth should be something you know to be true, or at least have good reason to believe is true, based at least in part by personal experience and experimentation. Religious truth is something that is based on faith. Magickal truth needs to be flexible, and is ever changing as the practitioner grows and gains greater knowledge. Religious truth is dogmatic and typically considered to be written in stone.

Part of the problem is fear. A lot of the magickal theorists aren’t practitioners because they’re afraid. Working with magick is dangerous, and there are a lot of traps a person can fall into. All actions, including magickal actions, have consequences. But if a person wants to be able to utilize magick, they’re going to have to let go of that fear and throw the dice. And sooner or later every practitioner will get themselves into a bad situation and they will probably be badly hurt because of it. But this is a necessary part of the process and the only way a practitioner can grow.

It’s upsetting to see so little work online written by actual practitioners who might have something valuable to say. It’s upsetting to think that new practitioners may be trying to research the community online, and come out thinking that the online community is a true representation of the entire magickal community.

I don’t think I could produce enough information to fill a good website on magick. I do think that I could come up with the occasional article or rant written in a journalistic as opposed to essay style. So I’ve put together this blog, updated when I feel like it, to express my thoughts about magick and hopefully give people good information that they can either use practically or think about and extrapolate on.

One Response to Mission Statement

  1. Tom says:

    Hi ya!:)
    This brings up some questions I know some may want to ask.
    I will ask them being I know you can answer them in a intelligent way.
    What are your views on? Sacredtext.com? Or blogs like pop occulture?
    I am curious do to many cliam good information there.
    What do you feel would be some good books for those to start with for a newbie? I try to direct others to the clasics but I many do not have the attention for it. Perhaps it’s todays fault in lack of proper education and a dead culture world wide. Sadly, we are dominated by neo-pagan systems mixed with masonic and socialist overtone. This has been this way at least since the second magick revial of the late 1960’s. I don’t blame the new age in full but I blame those who are trying to make a easy buck or cults just started to control others that have been the norm for sometime. I find the real occultist in this day and age avoid the net due to the drama that comes from people who live in a fantasy land.
    What many occultist would like to know how do we take back the real world from the silly people. LOL
    This is a very interesting Blog
    Your friend

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